Consider showing hunter decay timer to monsters

Pretty simple, monsters get the same decay timer that Lazarus sees.

The decay feels like a nebulous eternity when trying to body camp and it would be nice to have some clue of how much investment is required.

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I think it’d be a nice addition but I wouldn’t want it added. It’s beneficial for Hunters to make Monsters have to guess how long they have to body camp instead of knowing.


I say no, mainly because during a fight Laz can’t sustain his team as well as other Medics and has no proactive healing which puts him at a disadvantage, when someone is down, the ball is in his court to follow up on he should get his resurrection off and giving him that timer as his only clue is crucial because it’s all skill at this point on how the Laz player engages.

The Monster has an easier time downing hunters when the fight begins, I don’t think they deserve another advantage when someone is finally incapped. The timer acts as a battle of attrition for the Monster, risking if he should stay or not.


It was sneaky, very sneaky. This is a nerf laz thread. Sneaky sneak

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someone cant count to 20 or whatever it is

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Hold down T.

The body is outlined in blue when you sniff. If it’s gone, it’s gone. Alternatively, trying to eat shows you a similar timer.


I disagree. No more Laz changes IMO. Just leave him as is.


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this ^

It’s 45 seconds from the time the body dies. In a heated battle against a good team you can’t really start counting to yourself -.^

That being said,

I think it isn’t a good idea. Maybe a better idea is to have a small match time displaying at all times (which can be togglable). Then you can make a note yourself of the time, and still need to keep track of the body yourself. I don’t want to see icons giving away the body locations to me, as it would be quite a Laz nerf then. Sometimes a monster will move too far away and loose track of the body. Then they can be punished with a rez.

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I’ll just leave this little tidbit of advice here…

Lazarus has exactly 45 seconds upon the Hunter dying (not incapped, actually dead) to revive them.

As Monster you can simply look at the Hunter Respawn Dropship timer in the upper left hand corner of your screen when a Hunter actually dies.

How is this useful? When the timer goes from 2:00 to 1:15 then, as a Monster Player, you have done your job and can now run, jump, fly, Warp or roll away from the body and kill someone else or go get some more armor because Lazarus has lost his chance for the revive. Although in the last 5 seconds of this timer Lazarus will usually try for that revive no matter how bad it may be… sometimes.

There you go OP, your timer has always been in the game before you even asked for it.

You’re welcome.


Counting is very important for a monster and I don’t see any monsters doing it. Monsters should be counting so they know how long is left on the dome and should be counting cooldown on the dome. Hunters have to count and keep track of 4 abilities, which is even harder now since more points in them changes times, monster players are just lazy

What @Major_Warrior said.

Just look at the dropship timer if you really need to now, otherwise use smell.

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It’s interesting to me that so many of you think displaying a timer would be considered a nerf to Laz, especially when you can currently look at the dropship timer to get the same information ( with the difference being we are having to do a bit of math on the fly there ). I don’t really understand this logic and think perhaps some of you are being overprotective. I’m certainly not asking for any Laz nerf.

Perhaps someone can explain in detail why they think this would be a Laz nerf?

  • If the body is cloaked the timer should be hidden
  • It is no more information than Laz himself gets

All this would do is simplify the math on the monster side.

Sure, but it’s only that simple if the timer is fresh. Have you tried to do math in game while keeping track of all the hunters, their cooldowns, your cooldowns, while trying to deal damage and trying to stay alive? I fully admit I’m bad at math but I think that would be challenging to just about anyone.

I dont disagree with it, its just I feel that some experienced monsters still dont know this lol so they OVER body camp and its delicious because I love the sexy extra bar of health i can take off :slight_smile:

Hold down T.

I’m sure if I did that nothing would happen as my Evolve is on the PS4. If holding T on my lappy worked I would be pretty darn wow’d :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, hold down the button that shows class information then mr semantics.

That however means pausing the game. Doing that midgame means taking free damage or just opening up a window. I think the best thing is to watch the dropship timer. Tbh, I never even noticed that before (Well, I knew it existed, but I failed to realize that I could use it for timing the Laz device).

And please, call me Trick :smile: