Connectivity issues and playing with friends


I’m sure this has been brought up already, but there seems to be a huge problem with connecting to games, especially when playing with friends. Evolve also doesn’t seem to play nice with the party app; in other words, I can’t seem to use the private party app (as opposed to the in game chat) with my friends without running into problems, either. And finally, I don’t understand the logic behind disabling the monster option while playing in a ‘party’ with friends…this was one thing I was hoping would be amended from the alpha/beta–is there a reason for disabling the monster option in this situation? I’d love to hear it, as I find this constraint to be extremely frustrating.


The first part I agree with. One Xbox one party playing is almost at the point where it’s not worth it. Inviting friends to party/game for 45 mins really wears you down. I find myself just appearing offline so my friends don’t ask to play and find matches online.

Second part about the monster not being able to play in a party I like. That way you don’t have hunters teaming up with monsters during online play ruining the game for everyone else not in the party.


You could just play custom matches with your friends and either use a bot for the monster or one of you can be the monster.


Correct, I see your point. We have done custom matches, but sometimes when there’s just 2 of you, it would be nice to have other humans to play with to mix things up a bit. Thanks for the suggestion.

I also understand now that people could (and would) exploit monster/hunter team ups if allowed to in a party situation; but I still find it a little frustrating nonetheless.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and comment :slight_smile: