"Connection to the session has been lost"


Alright so i’ve been dealing with this ever since I’ve been playing evolve. Since the very first alpha release. There is two versions of it. One of which is what usually happens. When searching for a game it’ll say players found and a circle will start spinning. And after while it’ll kick me out saying "connection to the session has been lost or no longer exist. — The second version is that i’m in a lobby and the countdown timer has finished and the circle has started spinning. After spinning for some time i’ll get kicked out with the same error message.

Network settings with my internet.
System: Xbox One
Router: Belkin
UPNP: Enabled
– I have port forwarded every port possible (even though it shouldn’t be needed with UPNP)
My console is also in the DMZ.

Side note—I can disable my internet firewall and join games crystal clear. However it can’t be the firewall blocking the connection because the ports are forwarded. And the firewall, when it’s disabled, gives me a strict NAT type. When it’s enabled I get a open NAT.

Any insight on to why this happens would be beautiful.


There’s a huge thread about this exact bug here: the connection to your previous session has been lost


That thread has no fix for it. That’s what im wanting. If there even is a fix.


There’s no known fix yet, & TRS has been a bit too quiet about any progress on it. :frowning: