Connection to Steam Profile no Longer Exists

I am not sure if this was a bug, but I was playing a Hunt Beta game, it was going well, even trade between hunters and myself and I found myself getting really excited. Soon after the second dome I fled only to get kicked back to the main menu with this error message. Normally when this happens (which isn’t often at all) I have to quit and relog my steam and relogin. This time I didn’t.

Now I’m not one to scream hackers as this probably wasn’t a hacking exploit, but my question is if this is a known issue currently within the game. I don’t have footage (Shadowplay only caught the game afterwards) unfortunately, however if this happens again I will certainly shadowplay it instantly.

Is this still happening?

It literally just happened again, after only 1 game in Hunt Beta, but the error was the connection to your host doesnt exist anymore, which I’ve seen alot.

OK, that’s good to know. If the same error pops up multiple times, then I would call it a bug. That hasn’t happened yet, so as of now, it was just a hiccup.

Aparently this has been happening to Hunters as well today

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The Connection to Steam Profile error message means your client is having difficulty connecting to Steam. I’d suggest taking a look at this:

Is this fairly new for you? Did you recently change ISP or move or anything like that?

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This is relatively new for me. I haven’t had this kind of issue since release of Evolve and I was on an unstable ISP. The last 6+ months of Evolve have been good, no issues.

I also had two disconnects this evening less than an hour ago. The first was while in the lobby I was dc’ed and could not get back into the pvp lobby because the message said I was not signed in. I had to restart the game to fix it. The second time was while in a match I just got kicked out and had a message saying the connection was lost. I was recording the match, and I suspect at least one of the hunters was hacking so I don’t know if it was a bug or a hack. The timing was suspicious as I had just killed the assault and eaten the body and had armor remaining at stage 2 in a cave against a Laz comp when the match was interrupted.

Anytime I do get DCed I have to restart the client as entering Hunt Beta as Monster or Hunter tends to freeze, as in doesnt show the Searching Circle and doesn’t find any players.

Ok, it would be helpful if you guys could get me logs that record when this happens. Instructions are here:

i.e. - enable logging, then send me that file after you’ve had this happen. Note that logging may have a perf hit, so once you get me logs, you can turn it off!

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I will do this! Ty so much I hope itll help but I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Yeah, I get ya. I kinda hope it happens because more info for us is good, but sucks that it happens to you :expressionless:

Worst part is that I had a 68 win streak going and the dc, though it didnt count as a loss on character screen, it removed the streak lol