COnnection to host lost


I dont know if other people are experiencing this but every 3rd game i get connection to host lost. The game freezes and after 20 seconds it shows a connection to host lost message. This is only in the game i dont lose connection in steam and I can send messages to other people in the party whilst conection to the actual game is lost? How can I fix this. Please note this did not happen in the original evolve game with me or very rarely atleast


Happened to me in the last few days a lot! Very annoying… its usually 2 min into the game. Sometimes more.


Are you playing ranked or regular Hunt mode. And if regular hunt mode, when in-game, press T on your keyboard to see how your ping is and that of the others.

It’s possible that people that join you are either located too far away, especially if the monster is from a region different from your own (for example Asia compared to east coast US)


Regular Hunt. I’ll try to check for ping the next times.


Know that you can also check people’s steam profiles via “Player Options” in-game. Some show what their region is.