"Connection to Host Failed"

Been getting this lot lately in the North America region. Its kind of annoying especially when Im about to win and something just pulls the plug.

Hello @JoeGrizzly

I suggest to check some of the troubleshooting steps posted here

Especially the ones network related. What I believe you might have is where the NAT type of your connection is set to strikt or moderate. This means that, whenever you connect to a Host with an Open Nat type, it will kick you out (Open Nat type is the best for gaming).

Also make sure to reset your router from time to time, as prolonging it will lead to loss of up and download speed.

But it happens to everyone on the team. We can still type to one another, its just everyone is frozen in looping animations.

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It could be that the original host is at fault, although best is to ensure you have the best optimal connection there is.

I mean, I’ve had a couple of times, which is normal. But not everytime.

6 day old thread.

im bumping this as im getting this bug."Connection to host has timed out"
asia region.

happened 3 times today. affects everybody. i dont have video of the previous. both teams could still chat until disconnected completely

i just evolved to stage 2, gonna be a fun time to play with my food but crashed unfortunately.

Got this 4 times in a row yesterday in NA but someone said something about routine maintenance being done.

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