Connecting.....waiting for players....Joining games 70-90% through


I gotta say.
Tonight was a uneventful night. It would take ages to connect. Sometimes I’ll be stuck in the lobby for 10 mins “Waiting for other players”…then others just leave…making me redo the whole process again…only to FINALLY get into a game…that is almost over…on a character i don’t want to use.

This happens over and over again. making my night full of frustration. which leads me to playing badly in the 1 or 2 games i actually join from the beginning.

Just so you know.


nice to see this got 0 feedback. :frowning:


I agree that matchmaking is an issue (the only one I have with the game). I think the best solution is to find friends to play with but unfortunately I find that hard to do on Xbox.

I think a good app would be a survey like “What type of gamer are you?”

“If you were ten and your little brother beat you at checkers would you A) Walk away mad B) Congratulate him C) Hit him in the arm”

Then a list of A, B, and C types would be provided to add as friends based on gaming interest and level.


It got zero feedback because all the feedback was given in the other 100 threads about the same topic