Connecting evolve players


How is everyone, im new lol so im sorry if this is in the wrong section. I keep hearing how people are concerned about not having friends to play with cause of the new systems they dont have or for whatever reason, how its uncomfortable to play with people you dont know cause theyll rage and whatnot. weelllll i thought about everyone talking in this forum and how we ALL could have this kind of concern so why not make some way to connect everyone thats wants to play from the forums?

lets say im playing online i dont have friends online or they dont have consoles, so i think well i talk to alot of other enthusiastic evolve players why not go on the forums and find out whos playing and set up a lobby, like a forum where it could be like im looking for a trapper to play with or a team to play with,certain characters to play with and whatnot. why im saying this is cause everyone in this forum doesnt want to deal with someone who rages and is uncooperative that you dont know. thats why you would go into this forum and look up other friendly people on the forum that are playing good way to meet new people that play and good way to know the people your playing with are trying to have just as good experience as you, PLEASE feel free to expand on my idea i know it might not be the clearest thing youve read but i hope someone gets my idea, godbless lol


Right now we have a thread for Xbox Live gamertags and PS4 usernames. Although eventually it’d maybe be nice if we had some sort of google document w/ peoples’ forum name, Xbox/PSN id, what time zone/geographic area they’re in, what type of gamer they consider themselves, when they’re available to play, etc.


Thanks for joining us all :slight_smile:

What platform are you currently on?


thanks =), im an xbox guy haha but you understand what im trying to say right? its not like a ohh ill add you cause i know your psn id or gamertag , this is like a forum or should i say page i dont mean a whole website lol just a page like this that you could go on and be like hey im starting a lobby im an assault this is my character lets say i want griffin to play with i ask if there anyone thats playing griffin then from there you build your team, kinda like recruiting the hunters for your team =) that sounds better, vice versa you could post that im an assault im markov does anyone need me or would like to play with me. because its the character that you are that matters not like im an assault anyone need an assault you have 3 assaults and maybe someone wants to build a specific team so thats why im saying not just gamertags but like specific "im a good maggie player does anyone need a maggie on there team. something along those lines btw thanks for telling me about those threads…ooooo thats the word THREAd not forum or page HAHAHA thank you


Hey another Xbox player! I like you already! :laughing: No but seriously, welcome to our community, man!

First of all I’m gonna test out each and every single character first before I get a good grip on the classes because I don’t really know for sure which one I’ll be good at! I’m aiming towards being more of a Bucket player myself but to get to playing as him, I’ll need to play as the first tier characters a few first before I can unlock the fellow himself! We shall see anyway because we haven’t seen the final 4 characters yet! :smile:


I’m a PS player, but yeah I get what you mean. Once the game ships we can make these topics since people need to play for a while to get a better idea of what they want to play.

That said though, I imagine people will want to play as different classes rather than just one; I know I certainly will.

There’s been mention of forum tournaments before and people seem to be interested in them, so I’d like to see that happen. :slight_smile:


Is there a thread for PC players?


Every thread is for the master race!

j/k, all joking aside. These forums currently as a whole are simple for the game and TRS Studios. As of yet, there are no sub-forums for things such as “Evolve - PC” “Evolve - Xbox” etc.

Although I suppose since we have a Xbox/PSN type thread, one could start a SteamID thread as well to share for those only with PC’s.


a tournament would be sick! im doing the same thing slinky ima test each one out and see my preference i like hank alot support is going to be like my go to class unless who knows third tier might make it more interesting, plaff i totally get what you mean by saying people arent going to be trying to stick to one class but if someone owns at markov then ill prob try to get that person althought he could be a good trapper and whatnot, is has to be pretty specific but if it works you will have a great feeling that you built up a team kinda and even better if your successful ,damn you guys are nice tho cool


I’d also want that person on my team :). I’m planning on becoming a master Val player since so far she’s my favorite character, and I’d love to have a reputation for being a great Medic


same i def want to be like a master support-ist i guess you can say haha for hank, really get his character down and be really useful for ma team, i usually play medic whenever i play games but we’ll see how the hunters work out


I’ve always liked the Medic role, but I’ve never played a game that makes them so essential for success. That’s something that really appeals to me with Evolve since the Medic’s are such an important part of the hunter team’s survival


I think my favorite role will be support, I love feeling like the glue that binds the team together, and currently my favorite support is bucket I mean who doesn’t love that British accent!!! :smile: