Congratulations you just killed the game


Hopes of ppl returning after the “balance” patch died after T4 huntards.Grats devs you just killed the game.It seems you dont play the game yourselves and you just need the money.This game just died.Sry but accept your fate.Bye Bye!!!Waste of 50 euros.Ladders are a joke balance is a joke monsters are a joke whole game a joke.Waste of time waste of money.


Unless you tone it down and actually give constructive feedback, I’m going to have to close this thread.

Do you have anything constructive?


Nothing like a reasoned argument.


Wow. Someone is salty. Sure there are some balance issues and they will get addressed. I personally love the new additions, keeps the game fresh for me.


Just leave it up

It makes him look bad


It also clutters the forums, which, honestly, don’t need it right now.


Close the thread…Evolve for the win <3


I know but I think it’s great to have a laugh every noe and then lol


I’d say nerf it – too much toxicity around here as it is to allow for foaming at the mouth.


Constructive feedback?Respect our money.Have you ever played a blizzard game ?Do you know anything about real ladders ?


Obvious troll is a troll.


Can you tell exactly what you’re angry about instead of just calling everything shit?


Alright, time to close this thread.


The fact that i bought a monster expansion pack which includes the new 4th monster for free which is a bugged joke this is what im angry about.The fact that the hunters are wayyyyy op


Okay. Well, there’s a lot of threads to discuss Tier 4’s OP/UP issues. Go there.

Thread closing.