Congratulations Turtle Rock Studios!



Ever since the launch of evolved I’ve loved this game and I’ve always wanted it to succeed, unfortunately as we all know by now the game had a shaky start which sadly caused quite a few people to be uninterested in the game which lead to it’s low player base which eventually caused me to stop playing.

However that being said this new move into F2P market along with the reworked systems seems to have totally changed everything around. I’ve been playing it now for around 4-5 hours and I’ve not yet had any issues finding a group and there’s reports stating that the player base as of today is sitting around the 20,000 mark which is an amazing result :slight_smile:.

All i can do now is hope that they’ve some sort of plan of action that’s going to give them a way to keep the newly gained audience as new content is going to be needed in order keep people coming back e.g. new characters/variations of characters, monsters and maps. I would say game modes but personally i think the standard HUNT mode is the games strongest and adding more will just make queue times longer.

Of course to do all this Turtle Rock is going to need money which is why i’m currently puzzled by the game as so far I’ve not found one way to spend any money on the game, a lot of people might not like this idea but personally i think they should opt into micro-transactions as an alternative ‘fast track’ system for buying characters/monsters and skins as long as this doesn’t interfere with the current rate in which we gain coins.

Something along the lines of League of Legends system would be nice.

But enough about that, i doubt anyone from turtle rock will see this post but i would just like to say congratulations on the launch of stage two and thank you for continuing to support the game, most developers likely wouldn’t try to revitalise something and would likely just move onto the next thing that comes up which really does show your dedication to us fans of the game :slight_smile:.


You’ll be surprised on how active they’re on the forums, I bet you will get a response soon, because they’re awesome :blush:


Aaaaaannnnd here im waiting for it to come to console

Im very excited now,ooo the anticipation!




Hopefully you won’t have too long to wait! The game’s so much fun :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support, it means so much to us! :heart_decoration:

We’ll see how things go!


Apparently a new all-time player peak has been reached on PC, ~29.1k! Awesome! :smiley:

edit: 40k now!!!


I can really not more than agree. I also started since the releaswith over 2k hours of ingame time.
I think the F2P model is the right step, although the playerbase still need to grow with an APO of < 5%.