Congrats new leaders


I have seen so many regulars turned to leaders from one day to another, so I just wanna say congrats to all of you and it’s a pleasure to always talk and see you guys in the forums C:


I mean yes, good job, love you guys, woohoo, still not a regular



Aww thanks!


How does one even become regular?


Eat some more fiber? :wink:


So your telling me If I eat these I can become a Regular?



It’s all here, my friend.


Thank ya kindly! I believe the new leaders are @MidnightRoses, @TheMountainThatRoars, and @THISaint!

Also, to become a regular just be active and it’ll happen over time. Being nice, courteous, and helpful is also a plus.


And you, Hydra! Three days is new-ish, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, OP.


I too am on the quest for regularity! Praise the sun!


You forgot @niaccurshi! :open_mouth:


Yes and me too XD I’d originally had “me” at the start but then I started adding the tags and ended up deleting myself!


Was he new? I thought he’d been a leader for a while!


A few days older than me I believe.

Because Leadership is like being born again…


I just checked and he was a leader about two weeks ago so yep he’s included too! Huzzah for our new leadership!


You will poop raves and possibly die in the process… Totes worth it


Yes. Being born with super powers. Plus now when I tell people to chill, they do. Useful.


I finally lost my regular.Proud member again