Confusing Kala Masteries



  1. Siren Missiles: +10 seconds to lifespan I assume. Ok.

  2. Teleporter: +10 seconds to what exactly? I would think you would want less of anything.

Kala ability question

Yeah, I’m confused about this as well. I don’t understand what the aditional seconds represent.


Answers! :slight_smile:


I might be missing it or he discuses it in his videos (at work, can’t watch) but I do not see where it explains what the +10 seconds does for your abilities.


Ditto, I’m confused on was the seconds do on her teleporter?
is it like a typo, and it’s supposed to be a minus and it takes time away from it to reset back from one-way or what? =o


@Seven02 @PreePhoenix


I thought so, thanks for the confirmation! ^^


@MaddCow, so does this mean that if it takes X seconds to go back through a Rift the masteries make it so that it only takes X-10 seconds? Then why does it say + instead of -? Also, does the Recharge Perk decrease CD even further or does it not effect her Teleport Pads?


You are asking the wrong person. @MaddCow is the bovine you’ll want to ask. :cow:


My bad, fixing now. :sweat_smile:


Not too sure tbh. I would assume that it means it doesn’t take as long to be able to go back through a teleporter once someone goes through it. I believe it would be percentage based, but I don’t know what the real number is supposed to be.


Okay, thanks. I’m still a little fuzzy but the reception’s better :slightly_smiling:


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