Confused on Cheating Exposure


So i know on the forums, you can’t say a person’s name and can’t post a video about there “shame”. I completely understand but when it comes to cheating I don’t… Shouldn’t the community be aware of this form of cheating and try to avoid that specific player?


If they are actually cheating and you have proof then you need to report them to 2K and you can PM someone on the TRS QA team. Again, if they are actually cheating they can be banned from the game. Posting their information here will not help anyone.


don’t get me wrong here, but my thoughts were exposing cheaters is a good, thing, to educate the community of the dangers…


But if someone isn’t actually cheating, you’re labelling them. People will then stop playing with them and avoid them, thinking they cheat, even though it was the mistake of someone.


True, unless it’s simply an allegation. If you have proof you should let 2k handle it. Otherwise it’s simply hearsay.


but if your are like 100% sure its cheating, like wall bangs etc. then? should not the community not know about it?


I understand your point, but it’s basically a “no exceptions” rule otherwise you’ll end up with everyone doing it.

There will always be that one inexperienced guy or that one idiot who will claim to be 100% sure someone is cheating even though he hasn’t the slightest clue how the game even works yet. Stuff like that.

The only way to make sure that this person doesn’t ruin others’ reputation is by enforcing a rule onto everyone that forbids naming and shaming altogether.

Honestly I would love it if I were 100% sure someone is hacking and just tell everyone “Fuck it guys. Don’t bother with this hacker.” but next thing you know someone else does the same even though he’s wrong.
It just causes too many problems while, as the developer, it’s much easier to just discretely take care of it with as few people knowing about it as possible.


It’s the devs and 2K’s choice on how to handle it. If you name people, there’s the possibility a like minded individual will reach out and ask how they did it. By preventing naming it also controls the number of people exposed to the alleged cheater.


I agree with you in that sense. It’s just that it’s easy for things to go bad. If someone is labelled a cheater whether rightly or wrongly, then people would start messaging them and generally harassing them. No matter what someone has done, no one deserves that.


I see, so just its not allowed just because of mistakes? I could see how it could end up… Do they get game ban or console ban? Is it up to 2K or the console/pc devs


i ran into a team just now who dosent was slit across monster and hunters yup trolled and reported


No cheaters are allowed to be exposed. PM @LordDeath, @Insane_521 and most of all @ArPharazon, these guys and more. Give them any evidence and they’ll take care of the issues.
Unfortunately however naming cheaters isn’t allowed for the reasons stated above, it’s a potentially disastrous action. If I were labeled as a cheaters then my reputation would be slandered regardless of what I say.



I am now wondering if there are exceptions, just curious.

There’s a guy on PC who’s been reported a huge amount of times over the course of several weeks now. His Steam profile might be known to quite a few, I’m certainly not going to post it here.
He’s been reported on the Steam forums, I’ve seen him hacking in a few games and reported him and he was even blatantly hacking in one of @Wednesday13’s livestreams.

I did some searching on the guy. He’s been hacking in Evolve since June, 2015.
Why isn’t he banned yet?
Also, keeping in mind this is the most obvious hacker you’ll ever see in Evolve, why would the fear of wrongfully accusing someone still somehow forbid naming and shaming of this known hacker?

My apologies if this question falls under the “No discussing moderation policies” rule that many forums use, I’m just curious.


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I was VAC banned from TF2 for about two months because someone thought I was hacking and reported me. Being wrongly accused of cheating sucks and if you lose access to a game that you spent a lot of time and/or money and is a right pain in the arse to sort out if you’re unlucky.


You cannot be VAC banned by report, it’s an internal system. Only some very high up Valve people can deliberately insert a ban into VAC systems. It’s not infallible and there have been illegitimate VAC bans before, but statistically those who are VAC banned are done so legitimately.