Confused about the Big Alpha codes


First off, sorry if this has been asked before. I read the Alpha FAQ and still didn’t find my answer, so checking here.

So, just got my Alpha code from Best Buy. I entered it on the page that was linked, and I get a message stating “Thank you for entering for a chance to participate in the Alpha!”

Isn’t that why I got a code in the first place? I’ve never played in an Alpha before so I’m not sure how I get access to download the Alpha.

Playing on PS4 if that matters. Thanks in advance!


A code should be sent to your email you listed soon and you redeem that on the PS store. If you got that from a Pre-Order you are guarantee access. Did you enter in a referral code to?


Yeah, just used the JoinTheHunt referral.

So I should expect a second email from Turtle Rock with the PS Store redeemable code?


Yea as long as you got that code from a pre-order from best buy you are guarantee access check your email Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday for a code and then redeem that code on the PS store.



Awesome, thanks for clearing that up.

I’ll keep an eye on my email then!


Yeah Np see you around


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