Confused about leaderboards


While I like getting into the strategy and am competitive, I’m far from pro. I can laugh off ten loses in arrow without blinking, just a scratch! (And I’ve had to ha, but good times). I mention this for context before I ask if I’m not interpreting the leaderboards correctly.

I like leaderboards, just seeing my stats and how much I played and personally challenging myself to get better. In particular I’ve been interested in the Hunters. The Leaderboard seems to go by Wins which is cool, but none of my Hunters can ascend beyond 1 win? For example I’ve played with Hyde to the point where I’ve almost got 2nd mastery with his character, yet it remains locked at one win when I look? The W/L moves & deaths but not the win. Am I misreading the leaderboard or is something jammed up?

The odd thing is, when I use a new character like Abe and get a win it gets logged in and can see my results on the leaderboard. Then I look after my second win with Abe but it’s stuck at one. Now I lose a lot so I almost convinced myself it was because I had never one more than one with any character but I know for a fact now that can’t be right. Even my overall is stuck at 8 wins, and will until I use one of the four characters I haven’t used and get a win with them. I guess the max I’d ever get is 12.

Does this matter? Well when you play a lot even if not competitive I like to use the leaderboards as a guiding light and fun statistical measurement for who I’m having success with. Gives me goals, this seems broken though and is a small irritant/detterent that’s starting to impeed my enjoyment of the game ever so slightly?

Thanks for your time,


Could it be possible the leaderboards update every 24hours or so? I really only started keeping an eye on it last night. My other theory is maybe it’s not counting games when in a party, do you have to play solo? Still doesn’t make sense as I was in a party when Abe got added to the leaderboard.

Feel like I’m missing something or the leaderboards are glitched in a convoluted way that’s hard to figure out why it’s recording some data and not other.

BTW I’m assuming a mod for Turtle Rock will see this but if anyone on the forum has opinions fire away, and sorry if I’m asking something that has already been asked. Newer to the forum and trouble finding previous subjects revolving around the matter.


Update: Seems to be working today. I’ve been reading since and I guess there’s a lot of struggles with the leaderboard. Shame I like having one, for fun. Maybe was reset but back on board now and looking forward to some matches. Amazing game really.


Update: Unfortunately as I sat in tonight, I noticed before starting it says now I have 10 wins…in 180 matches? Every 8 hours I check that board it’s different, and often changed without me playing a game. I play some games and go backwards.

I love the game, but enjoy using leaderboards (not competitively) as something to set goals, benchmarks, analyze my stats or whatever. Is this a known problem? Is anyone else experiencing the weirdest abberations on a daily basis while checking this thing? I’m tired and discourage tonight, going to put something else in. Can someone link me to a thread or mod response about this problem or am I totally off base and experiencing something bizarre?

I don’t care if it even wants to fully reset everything. I just want to start somewhere stable and count on it going forth.