Confused about incoming Kraken nerfs


Preface: I am a shit Kraken and I never play him, even so I’m genuinely asking for someone who knows better than me regarding him.

Question: Since Kraken is good and stands a very good chance against tier 4s etc, why are they nerfing him as opposed to buffing the other monsters to match? If more and more people (based off of the forum complaints/admittances) are turning to Kraken since its much more difficult to play goliath/behemoth vs them why would you nerf the only monster that stands a chance? I just don’t understand it. Is the goal truly for all monsters to suck?


Forgive my ignorance, but can you fill me in on what these changes are? I’ve noticed a HUGE spike in Kraken players lately and some have been quite tough.


Kraken basically is the toughest monster atm, due to flying, its extremely hard to hit without the trapper constantly slowing, not to mention his abilites, expecially vortex, even after the nerfs.


Well a few T4 hunters are being nerfed, and the Behemoth is being buffed. You don’t need to pick Kraken to win right now. People just like to make some things sound worse then they are at times. I mean we heard how many hunters cry about the wraith a few weeks ago?

@TheFeralMerc from what I understand they are only changing the LS right now? I think they are looking at him more next big update. I mean Kraken was always the best monster people are just finally taking him more.


Just try him again in solo you’ll understand what’s being changed and why. He seems to have some odd speed issues after the last patch. The only way to make any other monster even close to him now would be to make it so they could never be slowed.


I feel the only thing that should get nerfed are Banshee mines (A tiny damage reduction), and the speed of his lightning strike. Thing travels way too fast.

I remember in the Big Alpha it took some serious skill to pull off a lightning strike cause it didn’t travel that fast. I mean sure you can re-position it to hit them but it took a lot more thought before.


Thanks for clearing that up. The LS is quite brutal. I’d like to see it slowed down. Kraken is definitely the hardest to take down of the four beasts.


Yeah from what I read Macman said they are going to slow the LS down, but it will still have the same damage just harder to land. Yeah Kraken has always been a really hard monster to take down. No one ever said anything before, because people were crying about the wraith.


Ah alrighty,t hanks for explaining.


Which Kraken is IMMUNE to while flying, stasis gun on Crow for example will not drag a Kraken down fast enough, even charged up, instead Kraken will be able to regen stamina fast enough (in combat) to constantly stay in the air and thus never be slowed by the stasis.

Griffin harpoons are easy to break, Abe can’t keep Kraken in the AoE from the grenades because, again, stasis doesn’t slow Kraken in the air and Maggie can be ok but requires a lot of setup time and some decent bait and even then it only keeps Kraken tethered for a short second or two.

I don’t know, I think he used to take some good solid skill to “fly” well and now after the patch that changed flight, it somehow inadvertently had this CC immunity side effect.


Oh yeah his flight is messed up right now I will give you that. I just think even before that he was just always the best. I don’t want to say I think he was broken before, just was always a hard monster to fight.


Ever since they made flying speed immune to CC it just made Kraken the best Monster.


because he is good against T4’s, which is already OP, this means Kraken is super OP, and therefore nerf.


They do slow him and drag him down.


They don’t. The last patch made Kraken invulnerable to slow unless he is on the ground. In combat he regenerates stamina fast enough that he won’t touch the ground either.


I didn’t play against one Kraken since the patch because of Behemoth (only behemoths on ps4, it’s the new toy after all ^^) so I’m referring to the pre-patch situation. Are you sure about that? I remember only them talking about stasis & tranq not stacking anymore out of combat.


People complained until Wrath was nerfed now they are moving on to Kraken.


The Wraith is almost perfect now and Kraken have LS slowed down some is hardly a big deal.


Yeah I’ve played it a few times and fought it. It just hovers lower before bursting back up into the sky.


Wraith is far from perfect, she has little to no mobility and decoy is useless unless it’s used out of LoS, which is extremely difficult being slowed to a standstill. She is extremely fragile and relies on deception and mobility to keep her alive, without this it’s hard to stay alive. Pair in the fact that the T4 hunter do an incredibly ridiculous amount of damage and she’ll have an increasing harder time staying alive.