Confirmed/Unconfirmed Evolve Expansions


There are a lot of unknowns and soons regarding Evolve updates, fixes, expansions but nothing is announced officially so we can’t take any of the supposed game modes or ranked play modes etc as being released.

Can we try to put together a confirmed factual list of whats happening?

Also I think a lot of people would appreciate a “future directions” from the devs of what they hope to achieve for Evolve in 3/6/12 months kind of thing — a blog post or something to keep people interested and excited to continue playing down the track. We’ve heard many times TRS are in the for the long haul, what is actually meant by that?



  • Ranked matchmaking ( its been mentioned but not announced)
  • Other game modes (its not specifically stated, but implied there are other game modes in the works, whether or not other game modes is just ranked MM, or actual other game modes like nest, rescue etc)
  • Other tier 5 hunters (assumption based on tiers being 4 hunters)


I would put four Hunters since it wouldn’t make sense to release anything less than a whole Tier. Plus I think they even said that there would be four Hunters, it’s just that two of them would be included and the other two would be available for normal purchase like the rest of us.


I agree since each tier is 4 hunters and 1 monster, but unless we can link to a dev confirming it I will add extras to unconfirmed. Trying to keep things factual so no one is disappointed when we learn the truth :smiley:


Good point, lol :smile:


There will be a full team of T5 Hunters, and a T5 monster.

Also, I asked MacMan if after the fifth tier this was it. He said he’d keep dishing out new hunters, monsters, maps, DLC stuff like that so long as people still liked it and played the game.