Confirmed! 3 Playable Monsters at launch!


Do we have any examples or lists if these pre match perks? If not I think we need someone to spoil some! @DamJess wink wink nudge nudge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Holy sh*t that’s massive! I never even thought the spikes would hit 50 meters so the spike had always seemed underpowered but not anymore. I believe @Plaff will be happy to hear this if he hasn’t already


Woaaaah that’s so much bigger than I expected. I thought you’d have to get as close as you do to the birds to set them off. Changed how I feel about Griffin a bit now, I preferred Maggie before but I think I might like Griffin better now


That was my exact same thought process lol this bit of info has made my day. Plus this will really slow the monster down once they are all set and will be great to set around the final objective to determine where the monster will come from


Yeah I gotta say that bit of info goes out to all those people who think Griffin will be useless!


@FrontlinerDelta posted a pic of the monster perk selection screen


maybe,but this could end up like titanfall where there will be 3 different extensions of the game you can buy


When u deal with 2k that’s what you get. Publishers what $$$ developers love the craft.


I agree with slinky guy on this one and I think that it will be similar to Titanfall how they will add stuff on later for only 10 or so dollars


i have to say the one thing that truely captured me about this game was the 4V1 balanced, dynamic and varied matches intergrated into the game, not to mention the sheer volume of content that TRS has already released to us fans, and i feel that anyone who is upset or disappointed by the monster count at the moment should perhaps take a step back, and remember the day of pong and pacman!!! where the only variable in a game was the person at the joystick. the unparralel volume of effort that TRS has put into this game so far just from what they have shown us is incredible, the maths behind the number of combinations of each playable character is uncommon in any game of any genre. Lets be fair and admit that any disappointment stems from the fans grossly over estimating the monster count (3 + 1 for DLC)


Truely i think the hunter are going to bring the main challenge to each game beacuse until the monster gets to stage 3, the hunter have the slight advantage over the monster, simply because the monsters damage resistance seems to increase as it evolves up the stages. so i AM looking forward to playing the hunters slightly more than playing the monster (even though that looks INSANE!!!) simply because the dynamic components to each individual hunter within each hunter class will have a larger effect on the out-come of the game when dealling in hunt mode (the only mode TRS have showcased so far)


Not to mention each Monster takes SO long to learn! I’m still terrible at Goliath >.<


Maybe not, how many other inexperienced staff members are there? I know that you’re still relatively new compared to everyone else, also I think you probably spent more time on Kraken and now the 3rd monster than Goliath, but that’s just a guess


Agreed, I think people are vastly underestimating the replayability of this game. I played a TON of L4D and the survivors were all the same, only different experience were the Special Infected in versus and even then they were pretty straightforward, one trick ponies. Being able to have “builds” as the monster, each monster has a different method of movement, each has 4 unique abilities, and each looks vastly different?



I have been wondering if that “single player” mode could have a “multiplayer experience” to mirror it. something like a “training/ Practice mode” where you play with your friends against an AI monster.
An example being halo where the actual story is the same but multiple players enjoy a sort of “co-op campaign”
And who else is really looking forward to bucket? he looks so awesome right now


This exists, and you can mix and match how you want to play. So if you have 3 friends online, 2 of you can play as hunters whilst the other is the monster.
Or, all 3 of you could play as hunters going up against an AI monster :slight_smile:


Oh! Brilliant then the game covers all the basics, thanks for bringing that to light for me.
hopefully the next set of hunters and monsters throw even more chaos into the mix.
so far we have UAVs, sound spikes, the lazarus device, homing rockets, many more and i just can’t wait to hear about the next set of ingenious weaponry the hunters can carry


Why does everyone think they are homing rockets? Theyre laser guided :frowning:


Yeah really, I thought that at first but on closer inspection, Bucket appeared to be guiding the missile towards the Kraken in a few videos!


Yup, he paints the target with the laser and the rocket follows the laser. It will not home in on it’s own which I think some people think it does. It controls closer to a TOW missile in BF