Confirmed! 3 Playable Monsters at launch!


It’s confirmed on the latest IGN article, I’m gonna be honest here, pretty dissapointed with the number of monsters, I think that’s the game’s seller, but whatever, maybe some more will come later at a point.


Well yeah dude, there is a DLC one coming and you can get it first when you pre-order! :smile:


Personally I am really hoping that there will actually be more at launch. Hopefully there will be 8 maps, 8 monsters and 8 sets if hunters


the article said 3 more REVEALED at launch. so i wudnt confirm the 3 only and the rest dlc. they want to show us one more monster to hook gamers in. the rest are for us to See in game for ourselves!


That’s a really weak number honestly.
Maybe the implications here are that its gonna have at least 3 at launch…as a way of sorta increasing hype for anything beyond 4 being revealed, but I rather doubt that.

Or maybe the 3 is the amount of monsters the game comes with excluding DLC.
If that’s the case then although that does feel a bit low I can excuse it.

The game’s gonna need a lot more than 3 to have any kind of longevity.
Fun as the game looks a max of 3 monsters is not gonna cut it.


True that 3 feels kinda low, but even if it is, I feel like this is a game they could make tons of DLC for and I hope they do


Come on!


idk man maybe the devs can clear it up. whether it is 3 monsters at launch or 3 will be revealed at launch. plus on the live show they said u start as goliath then u unlock kraken…sooo that means x amount of players will ALL be goliath when the game comes out lol. that just doesn’t sound right!


Post the link for this article please


Just seen it. I must admit, I am surprised there’s only going to be 12 hunters and 3 monsters


Devs, you guys want to weigh in?


I’m disappointed cuz they had 3 years yet they only have 3 monsters


my guess is 2k games. publishers to me have the final say in dlc and launched content. its ridiculous who ever thought it was a good idea to lock pre-loaded content and make us pay to unlock them. (my bet is all the monsters are already on the disc itself). its highway robbery but we love our games so we have to buy them. often making a 60$ game 100$…


There’s still loads of other parts of the game we haven’t seen yet. Those will have taken up development time too


So yes, there are 3 monsters and 12 hunters at release, with nothing revealed regarding DLC plans.

What we really want to stress is how unique and dynamic each monster is. Just as the new group of Hunters results in a completely different play style and strategy, the Kraken, with his ability to attack from the air and fly around the map, introduces the potential for all new tactics. You’re facing a new foe, and as such, you’ll want to carefully choose your Hunter in order to appropriately face him.

From a player perspective, Kraken feels completely different. Due to the ability to maneuver above and around the Hunters, Kraken inspires more sneak attacks and stealth moves. He is distinctly different from Goliath, and that can be hard to grasp without playing yourself. I hope as more gameplay comes out, and with our live tournaments at E3, you’ll be able to experience second-hand how drastically this new Monster changes the game.

Most importantly the three Monsters are strategy deep and that is what will make them so much fun to play over and over again.


It actually doesn’t surprise me. I was expecting around 3 and hoping for maybe 5.

But since the first DLC will be an additional monster, I don’t think it will suck too much. Goliath still looks crazy fun even after seeing nothing but him for months.


tl;dr What @DamJess just said.

More info will be discussed this week at E3 and in the coming months leading up to release, but if you are a math/statistics geek at all, I always like discussing the total amount of Hunter and Monster combinations (200+) that one match could contain - let alone the choice of Maps, Perks, Monster Abilities, Game Modes, etc. that add to the experience.

I’ll leave the larger conversations to the interviews/articles that will surely be coming out this week, but speaking as a gamer, the amount of content available Day 1 allows the game to feel different every time. Something I personally enjoy every time I play a match.

I know I can’t make people feel any different with just a couple of words, but I think everyone will be pleased with the end result. We are always listening and keeping an eye on the Forums, so keep making your voice heard.


if you count the hunters it really doesnt sound that bad. thats 15 playable characters to start with. the pre-order dlc puts it at 16. plus game modes/maps. and all the other goodies. ill just pay for the game now. and have season pass money at the ready in october." i want it all." queue Queen.


So its a collective 4 monsters including the DLC monster, or is the 3rd actually the DLC?
Either way I have to express how disappointing this is. The highlight of this game is playing the monsters. I’m sure the hunters are fun, but were all here because of the unique monsters we get to play. The game offers something almost no other game does, and I was hoping, and expecting more.

I thought I was keeping my expectations fairly low, but this comes as a shock to me.
I don’t want to judge prematurely and unfairly as we don’t have the game in hand and we haven’t seen the remaining monster(s) and hunters, but I’m honestly much less excited now than I was before.
I’m really hoping you guys can keep updating the game and releasing more monsters as DLC, but things like that dont seem to ever happen for games outside of MOBA’s, so I cant place much hope in that. The idea of having 5 plus monsters really made me feel like you guys were aiming really high, but this feels like quite a let down.

Evolve is still on my radar and I still fully intend to get it, but I cant pretend this hasn’t shot a great deal of my hype for the game.


I understand that it does take time to make something good, and you can’t put all your eggs in one basket, I can say that myself, but I think a lot of people’s slightly negative response lies in the fact that because there are only a few monsters that are going to be available, it cancels out the opportunity to have these other monsters with wildly different attributes. Kraken looks cool, but he’s too big and wiggly to be played stealthily, which means the attributes for the final vanilla monster are extremely limited. Sorry if I was rude or anything.
Still totally buying the game!