Config and Customization Options


I only just remembered to ask this question, and it’s already pretty much beta so that’s a shame but I’ll ask anyway.

I used to be a bit of a Quake and Team Fortress 2 player, and one thing that I loved about those two games (Quake especially) was that the CFG file held limitless potential. Everything from creating a toggle to change the color of your gun to simply binding MWHEELDOWN to a weapon was possible. I’m a big fan of having control over all of my hotkeys and optimizing the keyboard and mouse to fit my style of gameplay.

So my question is, what kind of CFG does Evolve have? Don’t get me wrong, this one isn’t a deal breaker. I played in the alpha and I’ve preordered the game. But if the game does have this feature, it would make me even more satisfied.


You already had the option to change your keybindings in the alpha.


Keybindings can be changed, yes. But I’m talking about more advanced settings than that. Things that you have to type into the CFG file in order to make it work.

For example, a lot of games will allow you to bind something to SHIFT, but what if I wanted it to be something like, holding down shift takes out the medic’s healing gun and releasing it switches back to the previous weapon. Not saying that I want to do that necessarily, but just for example. Most games don’t allow you to have those kinds of settings from within the game.


If evolve does not allow those settings it’s for a reason.

You can even say that would be ‘heating’ because you have to do less for a faster result because you programmed it that way.


Well it depends on the developer’s thoughts really. Quake and Team Fortress 2 were some of the big competitive shooters for a long time, and neither of those games seemed to think of those kinds of options as cheating. It’s just a comfort thing for the player. I mean, is releasing shift really that much faster than clicking on 3? Depends on the player. It’s kind of like saying that having a button on my mouse is cheating because some players don’t have one.

In any case, if Turtle Rock thinks this kind of intensive configuration isn’t what they had in mind for the game, that’s fine with me. But I got a lot of enjoyment out of that customization in Quake, and have seldom seen a game that can match it.


I’m all for more options, I get the feeling that the Big Alpha omitted a lot of settings because that wasn’t the main focus. The devs haven’t been too vocal on what customization options we can expect, unless I missed it somewhere.

You can’t say that, you’re not even a dev. You only played the Big Alpha so lots of things were missing in terms of features. We have zero clue if the devs had or probably never even thought of the idea of adding it. Just because something wasn’t added in the first place, doesn’t mean it should never be added in the future. That’s why there’s post launch support to add such things.


It’s just another feature that is not needed in the released game. So they won’t spend time on it? It’s just being logical. Maybe when the game is released and thousands of people request it they could spend time on it but most of these posts are supported by very few people atm.


I’ll get the devs in on this @MacMan, @SlabOMeat, @DamJess and see what they’re input on this sort of stuff is.


Is necessity really all that goes into a completed game? Even if it’s not a feature that needs to be implemented, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. Also, since Evolve seems to have potential as a competitive game, these kinds of features are important on high levels of gameplay. For PC at least.

Glad you’re on board! I think Turtle Rock has done a good great job so far on the game, and they’ve made the right decisions. I would like to know what the Devs think. After all, some of them made L4D, which I believe did have some of these capabilities.


Since when is it allowed on competitive level to change stuff in your config file?


A lot of games allow it. Have you played any? Let’s just take DotA 2 as an example since it’s pretty huge right now.

A few common DotA 2 pro player cfg edits include:

  1. Right click to deny allied creep
  2. Range indicator
  3. Hotkeys to hover over certain sections of the map (runes)

I have friends who still play competitive Team Fortress 2 who have custom HUDs and advanced cfgs as well. Editing one’s cfg doesn’t mean “setAimBotOn 1”, it’s just simple changes that some people like, and some people don’t.

It’s actually easier on the developers because they can allow the players to decide these kinds of gameplay traits for themselves rather than make a concrete game that some people like and some people don’t. Cfg files allow for players to very specifically organize and determine their settings, not make the game play itself.


Use AHK and set your macros to correspond the actions you want. Problem solved.


That sounds more against the rules than a config file. If it’s a cfg, the developers can limit what people are capable of. I’ve never used AHK, but am I wrong to think that working with Evolve’s actual files seems a little bit better?


A lot of games block interaction between 3rd party programs or scripts. If Evolve wants to cover that aspect, they will intregate the system for sure.


Doesn’t that defeat the purpose then? I want to be able to use cfg because not only does it allow for me to customize my gameplay on a specific and wide scale, but it’s also allowed and controllable by the game itself because it’s a part of the game.


that would be the most “Political correct” way to cover customization. I don’t mind at all If they give us that option.
The only possible thing it might cause some debate is the old discussion about FOV. If you can change the FOV on a cfg file but not ingame, thats gonna bring a disadvantage for those who aren’t aware its possible to tweak it.


Well, I see your point there. If Evolve doesn’t include an FOV setting within the game, it’s unlikely that a majority of players would know about it at first. But is there really not going to be an FOV setting? As far as 2K goes, I know Borderlands has FOV.


2K does not really decide what goes into the game, TRS still has the most power over that.
But FOV is not a big deal anyways, from playing on a 800x600 it was still good.


In alpha I don’t remember finding a FOV slider or setter. I’m guessing the beta version will have for sure.


Well, that’s true. But it still is a pretty standard setting to have.

Yeah, it wasn’t in the alpha but I think it will be in the final release. Most games seem to have it nowadays. As long as they add it in the final game or a patch, having it in the cfg wouldn’t be a problem.