Confession, Need Help


I suck as Goliath. I’ve never won a game since it came out. In the alphas and beta, I could win comfortably. Now, I’m lucky if I hit Stage II because here’s what happens;

Spawn in, eat, eat, eat, sneak across the map, sniff- and the Hunters are on my ass, I’m dead in 45 seconds because Goliath’s basic attack is about as effective as a sneeze.

Spawn in, eat, eat, sneak across the map, sniff around, eat a bit more, about to evolve- and I’m swarmed. Can’t do any damage because apparently, jetpacks are infinite for the Hunters I play against.

Spawn in, eat, I’m flying thru the air on the other end of the map, tracking dart goes in the tip of my goddamn tail through a mammoth bird’s tentacles, and then I get chased around the map for the next 20 minutes while I’m trying to evolve. Die to a mammoth bird tazing me in the ass when I run by (my fault)

That’s pretty much my entire life’s story as Goliath. Does anyone have any advice on how to play this smoldering hunk of meat that’s apparently about as useful against a Hunter as throwing a wet paper towel?


How do you mostly in the beginning before eating ?


Sneak up to a cliff, climb, sneak to a ledge, jump, etc, etc. Same thing I did in the alphas and beta, worked then.

Probably just out of practice, I didn’t play the Monster until level… 21 or 22 now?


When domed early be evasive as possible i.e. leap around obstacles, climb away etc. You should only fight for as long as you have armour.
The main thing you can prepare for is what trapper they’re using.

  1. Maggie + Daisy: sneaking is relatively ineffective so use your quick mobility to outpace them. You should sniff and check your back as often as you can.
  2. Griffen: His advantage is the sound spikes so sneaking at the start and as often as you can helps avoid him. You can also sniff out the spikes (outlined in red) and basic attack them.
  3. Abe: similar early disadvantage to Griffen. His detection ability increases as he tags the wildlife so eat and evolve quickly.

Edit: Bucket can also use his UAV (makes a buzzing sound) which can be destroyed easily by flame breath. If Cabot dust tags you leave the area (small yellow particles) and the tag will shortly go away.


I do what I can, just the concept of “evading” is irrelevant when Hunters can, by default, know where you are at all times. I can stay sneaky and quiet, leave no tracks, there’s no Abe, no sound spikes or Daisy… Yet always ALAKAZAM know where I am, without an issue.

Sorry, after the last 6 or 8 games that went like I stated above I’ve been driven up the wall- I’m only playing Monster so I can get hold of Kraken and Wraith, but you have to grind SO MUCH with Goliath… Honestly, I’m wondering if it’s even worth it.


Well they can only know the general area without assistance. Alerting birds will draw them straight away and making combat noise, knocking down trees etc as well.
Don’t underestimate the power of crouching still in a bush; many times hunters have run past clueless. When you see an opportunity go and make a break for it. With full traversal stamina you can make a clean getaway and earn more time.

Also don’t forget you can play solo against the bots and still level up your masteries to unlock the others. I will say though that the skills you learn with goliath will help you with the squishier monsters


Wait, solo ranks you up??? :smile:

And Goliath is my weak monster. I can play on another account as kraken or Wraith and wipe thr hunters, just goliath feels like a fat kid with a Nerf bat.


Yeah I used solo to get most of my tier 3 as it meant I didn’t have to mess around too much


Constant sneak against good hunters means nothing they can track you by food you eat toppled terrain shit like that. The only trapper sneak is crazy good against is Abe. Griffen as well but honestly you should always be sniffing it makes finding food buffs as well as keeps you informed of hunters position as well as giving you trap and mine locations.


Your focus on being 100 percent elusive is good in theory but your effectively 30% less powerful than the hunters lvl 1. Also a lot of people will tell you 1 teir 2 1 teir 1 ability. Goliath also has the slowest sneaking speed of all the monsters. So my advice move speed perk if that’s your style it allows you to keep ahead of the hunters and out pace them easier. Just honestly as long as you focus on sniffing constantly you should notice you hardly ever get caught stage 1 unless you want to be. My suggestions for level 1 is 2 flame breath 1 charge. Next get 1 flame 2 rock throw or leap smash depending on what your farming up.

Goliath combat level one is greatly enhanced with an on hit buff like basics slow or poisoning auto attacks. Due to though your lower combat power I honestly would be more focused on mobilit/utility perks early game though. Those buffs are better at level 2 or even a Crowbill (damage buff) Armoadon or mega mouth (damage reduction)

Hunters at level 20 should by this point understand how to effectively fight a level 1 monster so learning how to move your Goliath so you can hit level 2 post haste is going to be your main practice.

Effective juking using terrain should be used as well as your charge for the knock back. Laying into a single priority target is the best way to increase your combat power level one. Also try to leave fights with at least 1 bar of armour.