Confession: I'm just going to leave the lobby if I see wraith


I haven’t yet actually, but last game in the lobby a fellow hunter saw wraith and typed, “Well, I’m out. Sorry guys.” And it got me thinking. Why don’t I do that? Playing against the wraith isn’t challenging, it’s aggressively unpleasant. And there’s no penalty for leaving. Even if there was, I’m here to have fun. And wraith definitely isn’t.

To the hunters I abandon, sorry. But encourage you to do the same. Just reque until you find a fair match.

To the wraith players out there; have fun playing against bots.

Select the Class you DONT want to play or Monster you dont want to play against

people really like to over hype the opness of wraith in my opinion she is strong but nothing people cant handle she has very telegraphed abilities compared to some of the others


From what I’ve seen of the Wraith so far, her damage output seems just a little bit too high. That’s about it.


I agree that she’s not as unbalanced as a lot of people say she is, but her kit is just depressing to fight against.


I think it’s not her damage that needs tweaking. Her decoy + supernova combo brings just too much chaos into the fray. I recall flying around as Maggie, setting up harpoons trap and retreating from the Wraith… into her decoy who I had no chance of seeing. In first person perspective it’s not that easy to keep track of everything about you and the visual effects of Supernova and two Supernova’d Wraiths is just too much to me and I’ve been playing since day 1.


Find it funny because old release was exactly like this. You aren’t alone though. Every time I see Wraith, my fingers are already tip-toeing towards Alt+F4.


well, as far as the footage I’ve seen goes, she looks a great deal more enjoyable to play against than she used to be. Granted, I don’t think I’ll ever 100% enjoy playing against the Wraith. But she doesn’t look anywhere near as boring as she used to be.

EDIT: Didn’t they say that Decoy would no longer benefit from Supernova?


Yeah, I think the devs are making a mistake just nerfing her damage. Her damage wasn’t the problem, it was the utility of her abilities. The decoy is a huge mobile shield that can use supernova. Harpoons are literally useless against her, etc.

And there’s no way to know what the monster you will be fighting is so I just never pick harpoon trappers since It’ll be wraith most of the time.


You’re missing the point. A lot of the new players find the Wraith horrible to play against. This isn’t because of balance. It is about the way she’s designed. This was one of the major complaints players had in the Old Evolve and a contributing factor to the initial failure of the game. The same issue has resurfaced. Even as a veteran player, I understand why there is so much complaints from the new players, because I have went through that phase myself and it is by far the worst part of the entire game.


And I should not here that I’m not a new player. I’ve been here since stage one and have been dealing with wraith the whole time.

I can just imagine how the new players feel. I think if I was new I would probably just quit altogether.


It doesn’t and hasn’t since the Stage 2 patch but it functions like it always has supernova active. Attacks as fast as a supernova wraith and deals the same damage


Ah. Yeah, I can see how that might cause problems.


Also, has anyone else noticed that when you are near a supernova’d wraith your screen goes nuts and it’s impossible to aim? The decoy double that aoe.


Yeah I think she is inherently unfun to play against. Even when Wraith isn’t strong (as was the case in periods of OG Evolve) she’s still not fun to fight against. You don’t feel happy you’ve beaten a wraith, because you’ve struggled through a really annoying fight.

As a dev once said long ago about balancing, it’s not just about what’s inherently unfair numbers wise, but also about what feels unfair to the player.


Honestly I think if the Wraith was disabled from the game, new players will have a much better time assimilating


I said in another thread that i was abducted to the air, after that i didnt know the order of the wraith’s skills i only know i was juggled in mid air and got incapped before i even had a chance to hit the ground. i just saw 2 wraiths with supernova just blinding everywhere around me.

So i thought 'Wow. i’ll be fking dumb to play as a hunter again." It’s not the damage that wraiths deals that is annoying, it’s the sense of helplessness when u get caught in a combo.

At least i don’t get irriitated when i got hit/insta incapped by a tank’s rock throw in l4d expert.

Just need to balance wraith to prevent chain combo incap or reduce the times she is able to chain in a average length dome battle


Sad but probably true. It’s probably also true that you’d lose a lot of monster mains if you disabled wraith. She has some major design flaws that just make her unfun, though.


I think the problem is both a combination of people remembering the terror that was OG release wraith, and the fact that a lot of people are still learning how to play (and fighting a wraith is very different than other monsters).

I honestly don’t think it is as bad as people say. I had three hunter games against a wraith where everybody but me quit immediately, and I managed to win them all 1v1 via hot swapping hunters as I needed. That shouldn’t even be possible. It just goes to show that there is a wide range of skill levels out there right now, and until people begin learning (and some of the older players stop taking advantage of the new audience), there are gonna be some scares like this.

My advice: don’t leave. Spend the 10 minutes learning how to fight a wraith, and you will get better. Get your keys and experience, then move on. If you want specific tips on how to fight wraith, there are tons of threads around that can be found in the search bar up above.


You’re not going to ever beat wraith if you don’t face it and learn how to do it. Wraith feels tougher than she is, and practice makes perfect.


Again, I’m not new to the game. I probably win roughly half the games against wraith. But even when I win it sucks and I’d rather be doing something else.

Also props to you for winning by hot swapping, badass af