Confessing our Forum Sins


Ahh yes, so happy to be a part of that.


The rudest thing I’ve probably done on the forums is respond to a belligerent poster in only gifs which just made them angrier and angrier. It was hilarious, and I managed to have an entire argument in only gifs, but It was rude on the whole. Could have just politely disagreed and moved on. That was when I was meme-ing at unprecedented levels. I’ve lost a lot of tude in my old age.
I still smile when I think of it though.

Edit: I remember using these a lot

Edit: streams are another story all together of course. You had to be Insane, a Lord of Death, or have a frozen brain to allow me any kind of power in such a chaotic hellzone. I was bad enough without any.


Flag even the slightest shade-throwing comment when I’m in a really bad mood.
watches as the entire forum stares back at her wondering if she flagged their posts


I find guilty pleasure looking up banned members and then looking through their posts to see why they’re banned.


I might get flagged for this but yolo


I forget the thread and situation and who made it but I’ve saved this ever since.


I have been pretty rude to some people when it was about certain topics in the past. Can’t recall how many times or when exactly but yeah, definitely happened a few times. :sweat_smile:


I’ve been tempted to call quite a few people out, but I simply went elsewhere. There are some people that’ve needed it, but since I couldn’t do it without breaking a few rules while I was there, nothing happened.
Think a few of them are on the forums today, but most are gone now.

That and some other things, might touch on those later.


I originally only joined the forums because at the time I was super kissed off about Torvalds original nerf, and got really salty on Twitter.

I then joined expecting to be a salty MFer, and I can’t lie, I have some moments of my own stupidity where I posted without thinking rationally.

When I joined though, I saw this was a different forum than most, and although I’m not super active or a big part of the community, I found an awesome place to come lurk, and have discussion with like minded people.
Also some discussions with people who weren’t like minded, and they weren’t really discussions, but I love it here.

Tldr: I was salty, joined to spread the salt, didn’t even shake the salt out when I joined.


Not only a sinner, but an unrepentant one. :smirk:


There are no gods of this forum. Let them strike me down if I’m wrong.

Apparently my biggest sin would be asking questions, because every time I do I get in trouble.



I stand corrected.


In the Beginning, the Gods created the page. When the page was barren, and white, unformed and isolated, the gods said “Let there be an index.” So there was an index. The Gods saw that index, it was glorious, a world to house all their creations. The Gods said “Let there be pages for all out creations. So we can love them all and share them with all whom seek their light.”

I mean… I was working on a joke involving the Days of Creation from Genysis… but thats much more elegant… @TheMountainThatRoars



Well . . .

Around the time Metroid Prime Federation Force came out, I posted an image made by someone on the webs. It pertained the name of a certain video site as well as a description of said video, it having to do with how the Nintendo executives treated Samus.

The pic and of course my post, got deleted :stuck_out_tongue:


How dare you.


Yep, I 'member.


I got the pic from Destructoid. The thought that it would be inappropriate slipped my mind and you were well within your rights to delete it but it was wicked funny :laughing:


very interesting


Yeah, well it’s true.

Back when Evolve first started, I was a very very shitty person, not based off my actions, but what I said. I didn’t give a shit about my life or the world I lived in and my posts reflected that.

This is where Evolve comes into play, as that changed most of me and has formed me into a better and more matured person. This is why I hold it so dear to my heart.

I don’t dwell on my past nor would I encourage anyone to dig through it, as it doesn’t represent me, it represents how I have changed.

the TL;DR of my past is that I strongly believed that Kraken was OP despite him being my main monster, taking every bit of anger out on Behemoth (who I still don’t like lol), and using a lot of attacks as well as fallacies. It wasn’t until Emet was released and I became obsessed with Glitter that I started to become a better person, and flexing my regular permissions with respect for the power.

Trust me, when people are at a low, low, low point they will do stupid shit. A somewhat huge example for me would be boogie2988, and all he’s been through.

TRS/Evolve Community simply showed that they cared for me, and not a day goes by that I don’t realize and appreciate it.