Confessing our Forum Sins


So, Offtopic.

Whats something you’ve either:
A) Been tempted to do
B) Have done

on the TRS forums, that you would consider a sin, against the mighty god(s) of this here forum.


  • Tried to find the Oldest possible post on the forums, that was still unlocked… Just to give it a visit from Lazarus.


Reads post…


Basically my whole track record from when I was new to the forums…

I was a very different person then, and the shit I spewed…

Most of my early topics are locked or unlisted.

inb4 mods burn me at the stake.


Made a post about Jack and Laz being “OP” instead of asking how to counter them.


Ah so 80% of new people on the forums after every TU?


Forum sins? Mostly bugging mods.

Just like I’m doing right now, since this is going to trigger a notification for @TheMountainThatRoars

And that mention adds another one.



Oh dear lord, you can’t imagine how many times i was tempted to create a clickbait topic just for a pun.


I update topics about dinosaur games pretending people care.
If anyone responds saying they care then they are liars.



I have no sins for I am a perfect human being with no flaws whatsoever


Being an angry person, I’d say the urge to make a personal attack and calling someone a moron instead of refuting the argument…


I think we’ve all been there.




Yeah, I eh, I agree >.>


I do care and I ain’t lying :stuck_out_tongue:
I get my Saurian emails and I’m just waiting now. Wait, it’s the 31st… AHHHH


Already playing. Having some performance issues though so I’m going to be lowering my specs some more to fix it (hopefully).


Made a thread in the off topic section, with the title being “Off Topic” and the body saying something along the lines of this thread is Off topic.

Then Tried to flag it for being off topic. =P


Probably had the best lock, ever.


of all time?


thoughts go to the infamous double-lock


Once upon a time, there was a certain member on the forum who was incredibly active and made a lot of threads and posts that, in my honest opinion, were unfathomably stupid (and clickbait/like-whore) almost every day. And I kept leaving edgy one-liners instead of just ignoring them.