Confess your Evolve sins


Let’s all admit to the bad things we have done or still do and lay them out for the world to see.

I used to pounce the last hunter. Sometimes I still do.

The real reason I rarely play online is because I actually love it and it gives me a wild thrill. I’ve experienced it with other games and I don’t want to lose that feel this time and let my competitive side suck all the fun out of playing online.

I find getting hit by Jack’s Survey Satellite so annoying that I’d rather just get hit by Hank’s Orbital. At least with the Orbital, I deservedly get hit for not staying mobile.

EDIT: Sometimes as Behemoth I just roll on the last Hunter and shout “YOU’RE NO INDIANA JONES”

EDIT: During launch I found aftershock divebombing a working strategy but abandoned it not because it was considered cheap but because I thought Banshee Mine-Missiles were a better alternative - the homing was nifty, firing in barrages often overwhelmed Hunters quickly, and at 2 points they one-shot mammoth birds, making for easy food. They changed my Kraken playstyle, and I made aftershock my one point ability because I started thinking that divebombing was too risky.

My Evolve Sin
My Evolve Sin

I orbital with no reason.
Don’t hurt me @MaddCow !


I walk into tyrants and toxic grenade plants before jumping into them with Hyde because I’m a tad bit sadistic.
I also jump around a lot because if Hyde ain’t talking I still wanna hear him.


I always play the most UP hunters in pubs.


I refuse to play anything that isn’t Caira just because it isn’t Caira :s


Refueling Tower
I’m Goliath
Fresh Stage 3, 2 strikes on everyone from a single S2 encounter.
Practically no health loss.
Pretty much a normal pub game.
Only 10 minutes in.
My sin?
I spent the next 8 minutes admiring Goliaths muscles (.. )
I have what some may call a problem ( .


I allow the hunters to dome me stage 1 if I’m anything bar bob. I then make them think I’m running at stage 2 and ambush them. I also sit around corners as goliath waiting with a rock to leap combo. I’m sorry…


During the beta I was a NovaCoy wraith and never lost because of it. I know. Shame.


I play pubs. Period.


I picked Val


Playing as wraith and screwing with the hunters only


I used to scream at Skywraith so much back when she was meta (I’m talking about before last patch)- and yet pre patch I played Skywraith whenever I played monster.


I intentionally ragequitted once after having to fight ANOTHER Kraken after fighting like 10 in a row…


As Lazarus, I revived Tyrants and other dangerous wildlife :lazarus_cute:


I’m petty trash, so if i’m in arena and I lose, or was irritated by the hunters, I switch to Kraken to feel the satisfaction of murdering the hunters.

no regrets.


I played don’t engage till 1 second timer wraith, I think it would make your head explode


Okay… that… that is actually kinda funny. Annoying if on the other end, but funny.


After playing several Hunt 1.0 pub matches with a particular person as monster bad mouthing us in between matches I got a bit tired of the attitude. Most of the others I was playing with were level 5-20 at the time, which he knew, and I had asked him as a fellow Level 40 to go a bit easier and let them have a decent game. He continued to wipe the floor with them. So After the 4th or 5th match like this I went Monster and targeted him. Unfortunately I had to kill the the rest of the team which I felt bad about (and apologised to after the match) but I then hunted him down as last man standing and took great pleasure in tongue grabbing, rock walling and sneak pouncing him into oblivion.


I’ll end games with stealth pounce, just because it’s convenient.


Arena Mode
I change hunters strikes to die easily and change me with full armor and stage 3.

Hunt Mode
I change it for me too always win

Plz don’t kill me O.O