Conditions here on the Evolve Forums


The forums have been even more quiet than lately due to Overwatch because of lots of hype for it and advertisement for it.

Now we all know these good and bad conditions that we here on the forums deal with, a few examples being a new topic every 4-6 hours, close community, friendly atmosphere.

Even in the game itself has grown even more quiet because of people changing games.

But all I say is wait! Let’s have trust in TRS, we have always known that we could! 2k on the other hand is a different conversation for a different time, just look at battleborn.

I’m making this topic to say, right here, right now, even with this community being so small here on the forums that we can have hope. Hope for TRS with the TU9, I believe they can pull it off because they know if they can’t this is the end.
So here it is. The last push of Evolve, live or die.
They are aware of the topics we make, the complaints we make. They are the developers, they don’t just sit around they work their asses off, whether they do it to make us happy, or accidently mad, they are doing it to make our gaming experience in Evolve better, and they deserve so much respect for how much work they have put into this game for a simple 200 playerbase (pc) and only slightly larger playerbase on Console.

Ok, so take a step back.

#September 2015
Game crashes, my team COULD NOT play a solid game before we froze, lagged out, or someone fell through the map.

It made us all wanna rip our eyeballs out.

Visual glitches, rainbow dance party glitches, pixel glitches, hud glitches, you name that shit.

Now look at present day.
#All of that baloney is fixed
(Or doesn’t happen as much lol)
There maybe flaws, but please remember that TRS is trying their hardest. And if it were up to them they would have a million micropatches and TU’s. But they just don’t have the $ for this. TRS consists of a friendly crew that wants to help, so next time, before you go post a rage topic, please think.

Thanks for reading my post guys.


I think this is the first long post I have read in a long while :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never lost faith in Evolve EVER so I don’t really plan to even after they drop the game. :slight_smile:


“lose faith” and “Evolve” just don’t go together in my head. I try but nope, a cat pic just popped up. Saw this super chill cat in a beer garden yesterday. He was awesome but looked like he fought rhinos so I kept the belly rubs to a minimum.

I know the devs will smash it out the park. Not just because they’re awesome but also because if they don’t then Goliath is going to launch a 20 ton rock at the studio to encourage them :slight_smile:


That face and that sentence do not go together haha


I guess I would play fallout mods till tu9 if it lasts 1-2 months long .the second tu9 is released I’m gonna throw evolve in to my xbox and play it to death


I’ve no intention of leaving, i’m in this for the long haul. Even though i’m busy I come everyday, and I always will.
It’s good to see you being more positive :smiley: .


I will never desert this game. Sure, I’ll play other games like MKX and Dying Light, but I’ll never ever stop playing this game. It’s way too fun.


I was able to wait ~4 months , so I guess I can wait few more… lurking in shadows, waiting for TU9 and finally returning back to Evolve


The only way I will lose faith, is if the Devs lose faith, and I mean ALL the Devs.


Someone get this cricket out of the TRS forums.

Each topic is a 30m difference in the latest categories.


I believe!

Do you believe in life after Evolve???


Seriously… Its really slowed down around here.


admittedly, there were times when i lost faith. I lost hope, however as always true there will always be one person that reminds you how great the game and the community is.

So, just remember the best games persevere and will flourish through their community. Never lose faith.
Evolve doesnt have to be ALL you play either, enjoy it. Keep that fire burning, and try new things. :slight_smile:
I tried PS4 this week… :stuck_out_tongue:


I could have played with you today but I was busy.

How was it?


He streamed with Jay.


Yeah I saw that. Terry was there too. I don’t remember who the others were. I got invited, I wanted to come but I just couldn’t.


Rubs eyes from a deep lurking sleep

Wonders how a sleep can be lurking

So I never really lost faith with Evolve. I just lost faith in the Wraith… what with her attacks being delayed beyond belief and as slow, if not slower, as Behemoth’s.

I’d continue more but everyone here should well know my opinion on Wraith and if you don’t well then… go fishing (for my posts).

I’ve had a weird attachment towards lesser known games sadly. Evolve, Section 8, Dark Souls (before it was known to be cool), Armored Core, Mech Assault and probably some others but I can’t remember ATM.

I still have hopes that TRS will make the game more enjoyable for most people. All that TRS has to do to get me back is making Wraith somewhat like what she used to be. I know that Decoy is getting re-worked which is fine and promotes my ex-playstyle. I just want to be rewarded for well placed, almost spastic, movements. I just felt punished when they nuked Wraith because of the way other players used her (and she wasn’t even the most powerful Monster since Kraken held that title but people were all like Wraith OP).

I guess I should stop there with the Wriath bit or else it’ll be another angry essay about how poorly Wraith was treated.

I plan to be a game developer in the future and I can somewhat imagine what TRS is going thru. Do I look forward to such things when I get in their shoes? Yes, every bit. The positives and the negatives for it will make me a stronger person and motivate me to do what’s needed.

I’ve got my game set in my head. I just need the time, funds, tools and support for it.

TRS has pretty much all of that for Evolve (support is questionable ATM) and experience. I’m positive Evolve will make an impact for Xbox, PC and PS4. It just needs the support of proper advertisement and for peeps to stop being salty about past experiences in order for it to succeed.

Whether this last patch (or maybe not last we will see) saves or destroys Evolve, I wish TRS the best and nothing else.

######I’m still salty about Wraith but we will see how much love you give her. I’ll be watching.


So there is that…


Sorry to say, but I am guilty if partially leaving Evolve for Overwatch. Once TU09 hits or a challenge or something you can bet I’ll be playing for at least a month straight.


It’s not a bad thing. We all need something different every once in a while.