Concerns with the game


It boggles my mind that the most garbage monsters can win with a sliver of health but a monster that stays out of sight all game, always has full armor before engagements and eats inside the dome always loses.

In 2 seconds a monsters armor is gone and then massive chunks of health gone shortly after, but when i play my teams can’t make the same damage, yeah explain that. You can’t.

ALL hunters cooldowns are too short. Evolving still takes too long. Hunters damage is too high. Maps still too small/ not enough brush to hide in/thick enough to hide in. Terrible RNG still for birds even with crap grace period. crap sneak attack detection. Amazing assaults can always free themselves which is utterly stupid, give super armor for a brief period on sneak attacks. I can go on for a long time about how bad this game is still. Alas all the fanboys are going to come out of the woodwork here on the forums as they usually do and blah blah “you don’t know anything, blah blah”.

What happened to statistics of the game? Where is the real interaction with the community? I don’t care about anymore dlc, I rather you sit down and fix what pile you left on the floor here. I want to see tweaks every week. Sorry you bottomed out and now are sitting with the bottom of the barrel for a playerbase and can’t get much accurate readings but hey, you did it to yourselves.

Would like to hear from Devs and such and not the forum slags.

Proves my point. Rather than being real with people you rather brush them off unless they talk to you like you’re royalty. No thanks, check the egos.

Be glad I curved my language as I already did, the level of irritation that is caused by this game is astounding. Can’t enjoy the game solo due to terrible AI, can’t enjoy the game in multiplayer because can’t rely on 3 others to constantly do well. Everyday I become more depressed with the way the game has…devolved…


Forum slags? O.o


Oh man you made a grave mistake saying this.

Devs will not respond to you. That’s for sure.


Yeah, this isn’t really radiating any good. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun


Yea, what exactly does that mean? O.o

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Let’s see how everyone reacts to this.

inb4 a dev closes this.


A hostile attitude is not a good way to spark discussion. I’d suggest that you edit your post so that people don’t dismiss you or your opinions right off the bat.

@forum regulars, let’s not derail


Unfortunately this game will never be 100% balanced. Way too hard.


Yes, let’s balance the 4v1 game with over 6+ different characters for all of four completely different classes perfectly, because that’s totally technically feasible! TRS just needs to get their shit together! I could TOTALLY do WAY better than them!



OH ITS YOU AGAIN! Well. welcome back…

it can be explained. a “garbage monster” who can win with a sliver a health means he out-skilled the hunters. or just had some luck because a monster should capitalize on hunter mistakes. where as a monster who may be playing more “traditional” in a sense, might not be mitigating enough, might not be focusing hard enough, or the hunters may simply be better.

the first half of your post can be explained very simply and seems to be your initial problem. Player Skill. simple as that. i dont mean “get gud” but you’re complaining about things without presenting how you counter those players. You have problems with assaults in a shield, you got several options. the bird chance can be controlled to an extent by eating under ceilings or by learning the best way to travel. the largest maps are a great size and shouldn’t be any bigger because you dont need to be 5mins away from each other. there’s plenty of bushes and such to hide in, however, its a harder tactic to do because the general hunter populace has gotten rather decent.

the other half of this post however, is completely insulting to the devs and the community and you should be ashamed of yourself for acting this way.


I want you to take a long stroll here around the forums. Come back and tell me when you find at least one other person who shares your thoughts. This fantastic community does not need your ignorance and negativity. I’ve met a few good people here because of this game. And while reading your post, I have found absolutely 0 valid reasons. Taking too long to evolve? Are you kidding me? What kind of uneducated fact is that? And yes, us forum slags will blah blah blah about what you say. Why? Because its utterly uneeded. Now please, and I think I can speak for everyone, take your impudance somewhere else. It will not be tolerated here.


Destroyed, Dismantled, and Drop The Mic. Great breakdown Mastermind, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


This kind of post is always ill-recieved. Just by the way.

Skill, or lack thereof. I can have a pub team melt a full-armor Behemoth in less than one dome with no prior damage on the chase. Basically your entire argument is based on having enough skill to perform well.

Yeah, just like ~five seconds on the most powerful Monster move in the game, Rock Throw.

They can’t free themselves, nobody can. That’s damage done when you’re too far to pounce well and they cancel it.

Yeah, that’s also called skill. Or luck, one of the two.

Only in almost every single thread on the forums.

Likely not gonna happen when you’re just sitting there insulting them and their hard work.


forum slags?

Am just looking after mat


I’m closing this, you can still do what Mountain told you and I’ll (or another mod/Leader) can open it again if you do. But for now, it will be closed since all we have in this thread is negative responses because of that last statement.