Concerns on wraiths movement


After the much needed nerf of the wraith i have played much of her, but i have a few issues still.

My main concern is Vals tranqs, and Crow and Abes stasis. If you get hit with anyone of these you are not gonna get anywhere, this has happened to me many times. Val and Abe wouldnt even shoot me just spam me with more and more tranqs and stasis to make sure i dont move while the support and assault just wail on me as i attempt to escape. even with all 3 warps form traversal i cannot escape. Has anyone else had an experience like this with wraith? i hope im not the only one, or if theres some sort of technique im failing to catch on to other then just dont get caught haha.


I can’t answer you. I had a losing record with Wraith PRE nerf, so…


Break LoS.


Try fighting instead of escaping, stage 1 - 2 wb, 1 abd / stage 2 - 3 wb, 1 abd, 2 sn / stage 3 - 3 wb, 3 abd, 3 sn…

You can dominate at every stage especially against val, she’s dead in sec… And if you play against crow or abe just try to sneak from the beginning till stage 2. It’s not that difficult. Find some caves and roofs to feed and stage up. Also check for OP buffs like dmg bonus, dmg reduc, stamina inc… Those are pretty badass.


I have this experience now and then, the most important thing to do is breaking los and using all traversals (WB included) to maximum effectiveness. I tend to take the 20% (soon to be 25%, squeee) movement speed increase perk so I don’t get slowed to a hobble when tranqed


Play with ledges while you are tranq darted. Climb them and then if hunters chase then hit them off or traversal to another ledge. It wastes their jetpack and gives you a chance to break the line of sight.


Not sure how to help, I find simply picking wraith means I’ve won :confused: still ridiculously easy to wipe teams with it unless they have good teamwork which usually the hunters do not. Simply warp blast the trapper of medic into oblivion and stop running you really do not need to run away as much as people do.


Yes this has happened to me like 5 times and its annoying


Not much to say here. Just wing it, I suppose? Break line of sight, use warps to move faster, etc…


engage them damage someone ALOT. val will (if she is good) try to heal them. when they do this the run because abes stasis grenades affect only in a general area. if she doesnt heal keep wailing until your target dies :smiley: preferably do this to abe as he is the OTHER source of your problems


Abe is an amazing counter to Wraith. Once she loses her weak traversals, she’s basically stuck there. Weak, being the weakest traversal in the game behind Behemoth roll. No distance, it’s just quick.


i find its more there to be . . . disorientating . . . alot of pugs just freak out when i pop three of those traversals in seemingly random zig zag position.


It makes for quick hit and run in combat, and getting around cliffs and such.