Concerns Dealing with Evolve's Playerbase


This is an official, dedicated thread dealing with the topic of Evolve’s current playerbase, both on the consoles and also PC. Current Steam charts show this graph which tracks the current amount of players on-line (for PC), and can be a useful link to watch in terms in player spikes and dips:

Other data about player numbers can be found on this site:

There are several good ideas floating around about what can be done to bring the player numbers up, and we welcome that discussion. However, posts with no relevant input or simply negative comments such as “This game is dead” will not be tolerated. We understand a lot of people want to address this issue in a serious and helpful way and want to give everyone a platform for that without folks coming in to bash on TRS, 2K, or simply spit out pointless cynicism.

Please post all of your ideas here, and any new threads that should be created dealing with this topic will simply be merged into this one. Also, there’s no reason to discuss matters of the past with 2K marketing, “Day One DLC,” etc. Lets just point this conversation in the right direction looking forward instead of back. The link above shows the game numbers as of the moment you click it, so lets springboard ideas for the future of Evolve and not look look back at the past.

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Players in the last 2 weeks: 40,653 ± 4,614 (10.59%)


We have a “tool” to know how is the playerbase on PC but not on console. Can you tell us what is the current players base on PS4 and on One ? I’m not asking for a precise number but is this on par with the PC one or 2x, 3x or more ?

Some idea to bring more players :

  • Create a “HLTV” system for Custom matches : an option in the menu, EvolveTV. When you go in there, you have a list of all custom games going on and you can spectate them (x spectators possible who doesn’t join the server. It must be like the HLTV system).

  • Improve the community management with more advertisement, more week-end challenge with great skins to win.

  • Improve the skin system with more visible effect (not only weapon but global skin change).

  • Fix the framerate/bug/matchmaking on PS4 (One ?).

  • Continue to support esport scene and go further into it with a show game every week with 2 reknown teams (PC/PS4/One) playing one good match.


PC orientated.

I think that, Evolve is a team game by far. 4/5ths of the players in a round are working together, so any change that makes it easier for those teams to get together and play together, even with the monster on board is awesome.

If you can’t have steam friends list integrated, then give us our own TRS/2K account friends list ability so we can play with friends easier, otherwise we have to go out of our way to manage custom games.

And another thing, Tell us MORE about what you are doing, tell us more about future concepts of hunters and monsters. Don’t leave us in the dark.

EDIT: Obligatory Rank mode Pls.


What I’ve heard from people that have never played the game is that evolve did not have enough content for a $60 game (based on early reviews)… With all the speculation of a ranked mode, New hunters and monster coming down the pipe, new game modes rumored as well… After the full release of these additions a totaly bundled game at a great price, properly advertised will reignite the game I think…I myself have not had any issue on Xbox finding players, but I play mostly at night at peak times…


I can’t speak for the devs, but in previous conversations they’ve stated pretty clearly that they won’t give information themselves about player levels and such as it’s confidential business sensitive information, or something to that effect :wink:

What we know as a community is that there were almost 20k maggie wins this weekend, assuming (lots of assumptions here, hold on tight) that The PC community played about 33% maggie, and won 50% of those games, there were about 31k hours played this weekend with games averaging likely around 15 minutes. This would put the PC input towards that total at around 4-6k depending on the number of players per lobby.

So the consoles must have contributed about 14-16k themselves. We don’t know if the consoles are an even split or not, but worse case scenario one of the consoles is doing twice as good as PC while the other is only a little better off, or both consoles are are pulling just over twice the PC numbers.

So many assumptions here though, i.e. that all players on all platforms play towards challenges the same way, that the rates of picks are accurate, that the win rates are accurate (probably the safest assumption TBH). But that’s what we can deduce. FYI.

Yes, a lot of people have said that for example on PC the player numbers in terms of owners isn’t that high. Witcher 3 has over twice the owner level and that is just on Steam. There is potential out there for a number of extra players that avoided the game at full price, but would get on board with a +1 year marketing push at a good bundle price, IMO.


Just met someone today in a lobby, started playing because they got it at a “good price”


Jesus christ 400k people bought this on PC, and only 40k play it?

On topic though. TRS needs to make sure the comp scene continues through good balance patches, and bug hotfixes. 2k needs to think of some marketing ploy to get some of the players to return back to the game. 2K also needs to advertise value based on price.


I believe in game clan support would make a real difference. This game is much more fun played with people you know or have a connection with rather than strangers, and it is just too difficult right now to find a fun group to play with regularly. I understand it may be too late to implement this now, and in that case I suggest TRS or 2k set up a clan or a couple of clans.

A clan for casuals, and maybe a competitive clan that is selective. This would require minimal resources and would be easier than using the forums to find players. 2k would Cover the cost of a Team Speak server and website, provide resources and coordination for an organizer, and support clan specific tournaments and events with prizes etc. Have regular weekly or biweekly scheduled play periods. Maybe some of the Testers, Devs, and community leaders try to make an appearance regularly. The clans could host both open and closed tournaments and events with an emphasis on fun including recognition for things like: ‘Fastest Monster Death’ and ‘Most likely to Step in a Plant.’ The tournaments could have restrictions like pairing a specific monster against a particular hunter teir, or using a particular map and mode. Like the weekend events the focus could be on participation rather than picking a winner. Maybe have a weekly or bimonthly clan stream that talks about playing a particular class or hunter/monster and encourage the clan to play/practice around this theme. This is just a rough idea, but it would seem very doable and inexpensive to implement in some form.


To repeat my previous thoughts:

  • Get a better relationship with media types, streamers and professionals alike; Especially streamers that are not using their downtime, get them hosting people playing the game to try and expand the audience.
  • A repackaged bundle once T5 is fully released to try to restart the playerbase, focusing on the depth of choice available to people (20 hunters, 5 monsters… not to be sniffed at!), and hand in hand with a ranked mode update to ensure those newbies aren’t put off by sour old hats.
  • I don’t personally see the “competitive scene” as being vital to the ongoing success of Evolve, not because it doesn’t highlight the game (it does, some of those close matches shown recently have been epic!) but because it’s not indicative of people’s casual experience. Somehow the game needs to improve it’s showing on the community front. i.e:
  • Better in-game announcement system
  • The whole “Find a coach” thing could be very useful (not sure if practical though as not sure how used it is in other games)
  • More control as many have requested over just what they get put in to in a lobby re: monster or hunter when they don’t want to play the other
  • Some way to more easily find steam friends from your current game!

I think that’s my thoughts for now. I think Free 2 Play is in the future somewhere, but while there is an untapped market to attempt to bring in to the game on a conventional model it would be premature.

So… say you’re a lapsed player, what brings you back?

You’ve quit because of one or more of these things

  • It’s really not your type of game
  • You need to play with friends to have fun, and yours have left the game
  • Bugs have frustrated you
  • Balance has frustrated you
  • You naturally just move from game to game

What counters that list aside from the obvious one of clearing the bug list?

I am not sure why people get such an infatuation with this kind of thing. I genuinely believe the vast majority of players of a game don’t care one bit about making a “clan” or anything similar.


Internet too slow to ind the proper gif, imagine the “THANK YOU” one right here.


I feel skin events/ weekend challenges provide something for players to come back to. Adding weekend game modes every couple of weeks, and a ranked system and people would have plenty of reasons to come back often.

TRS should try to be more open about bugs, and maybe even hire more staff to help them deal with the bugs.

Can’t really do much to improve interactions between players as developers have tried to come to a solution for years, and nothing has come from it. The best way to distract people from toxicity, and not having friends to play with is to make them cling to two things. Wanting to improve at the game, and getting rewarded for playing the game. Wanting to improve would greatly be helped via a ranked ladder/mode. Allowing the comp scene to continue to grow will also help.

Honestly one of the best ways to make unhappy consumers happy is make them want for something you offer through that product. League of Legends does this via their ranked ladder. You could absolutely hate the game, but want to play it to gain that next reputation status of a higher division.

Honestly the best thing they can do at this point is transform this game into F2P. Give all base consumers T1-T5 for free. All consumers that bought T4/T5 get T6, and further support. Make all tiers past T1 purchasable through the game, earned through game time (in game currency), or even rewarded through a ranked ladder for the F2P consumers.


Also to add to this 2K needs to drop the ridiculous $60 price tag they have on Steam down to like $40.

Personally I think free rotation of DLC hunters playable for a week should be implemented. Maybe 1-2 dlc hunters made available.


A clan is just another way of playing with friends since steam friend support seems to be off the table. Having a few active in game clans makes it easy for players to join a group and find players for PuGs. Clans can take their own initiative and host tournaments or challenges for the clans or the community at large. Ideally you can find a clan that plays at a time that works for you. In a competitive game like Evolve that depends on a skilled player base, (and is not noob friendly at this point) clans offer an easier path to get into the game and enjoy playing. Instead of the current system of random PuGs that seem to be unfun at least 90% of the time.

If you have a group of friends you regularly play with, that could easily be considered an informal ‘clan.’ A formal clan system just makes it easier for people to form groups to play together. People who don’t want to join don’t have to. Active clan systems contribute to the community by fostering and sustaining rivalries and friendships. Informal ‘clans’ or groups of friends playing together tend to come and go with little impact on the community.


I have a lot of solutions actually, each one would most likely get some more people playing. I have about 400 hours in game and everything mastered to the elite level. I love the game, but I’m at the point where I’m running out of things to do. Some of these suggestions would keep me logging in daily as well.

Single player campaign. Make two campaigns for single players to play. I know that this is supposed to be a “multiplayer” game, but there’s a big “SOLO” button there that’s mostly going to waste.

Single player hunter: Have it be several levels. First level can be a single hunter (most likely Cabot or another support) searching through a level for a strange “disturbance.” It should run into a severely weakened monster, which the hunter has to kill. From there, it can move into the more traditional hunts, rescues, nests, and defends, with little tweaks to make them more single-player oriented.

Single player monster: All of the Evacuation settlement stuff is totally geared toward the hunters and how much they save and destroy. Make a similar single player campaign but monster focused! Actually show civilians running around for the monster to kill and eat. The first level doesn’t even need to be a traditional mode. Make it just running around killing as many civilians as possible, then run into that lone hunter from the mode above (with sneak pounce disabled) and have the monster kill him.

Remove level cap. Even if it earns nothing, it would at least let us feel progress after we’ve mastered everything else.

Fix level-based matchmaking. Removing the level cap will help this, because then the level 200’s will be put with 200’s…. rather than the dudes who just hit level 40 pairing up with people with 1000’s of hours.

Separate matchmaking based on role. I didn’t even play monster at all until level 40. I was terrible. If matchmaking kept track separately hunter/monster “levels” or whatnot, matchmaking would be better.

Hunter/Monster ONLY queuing. This is a must for so many reasons. Firstly, some people just don’t want to play the other aspect of the game. If they can queue up as just hunter (with the disclaimer that wait times might be a bit longer), I think that would do wonders for people quitting games constantly until they get their wanted role. Also, quitting constantly makes people just turn the game off. Secondly, this will help with Twitch streamers. “SUPER MONSTER TIME” Twitch stream title sucks for the streamer AND the viewer. I clicked to see monster play, and they’re playing Support. I don’t want to see that, and they probably don’t want to play that.

Ranked mode. Long time coming for this. Make a ranked matchmaking mode, with no perks, no elite wildlife, no mastery bonuses. Straight vanilla Hunt. I’d say require teams of two or four to queue up as hunter, but that’s just a side thought.

Integrate the Steam friend list into the game better, along with being able to easily add friends straight from the in-game interface. I’m sure Steam/Valve provides very good instructions on how to do this. Look at Dota2 for examples on good uses of this. Being able to see my friends’ current status, in game, what class/role, etc. Good stuff.

Free weekend with deep discount. It’s about time to do a free weekend. Just do it. It’ll increase the player base like crazy for the weekend. Have the sale “limited time only!” during the weekend. Make it 55-60% off, but only if purchased during the free weekend.

Package up a “starter pack.” Sell the game, but only access to Markov, for $10 bucks. Or, conversely, only access to Goliath for $10 bucks or something like that. Then give them the option to pay for the rest of the game later (possibly at a discount), or they can choose to just stick with the starter pack they bought and allow them to add on the DLC T4/T5 stuff separately.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


Yeah. The skin weekends are nice and stuff, but they could be actually effective at selling DLC if they gave out free trials.

And the price tag should drop soon. Game’s half a year old.


Evolve is currently £24.99 in steam, that’s not a sale price, and is probably close to being $40 in GBP terms relative to the normal price. Is it really not cheaper than $60 in the US atm?


Drop the price tag on the game and the DLC, even if the time effort and money put into it is enough to justify the price, most of the people don’t agree with you, even if you are right. Most of the world right now just sees a huge price tag on a game with a few hunters and 3 monsters and a very basic multiplayer only game.

It’s too late for this now but they should have added crossplatform gameplay, something to keep in mind if they ever re-release the title or do a sequel or anything like that. Also if they ever re-release it if they don’t overwhelm people with DLC early on it should help it have a much better start.

The maps should have been more varied, after a while they all seem the same and you stop paying attention to them aesthetically almost entirely.

Try a free to play weekend on steam like COD games have done, while putting it on sale.

For me and some of my friends the bugs are what made us stop playing even though we both liked the game and were able to play a few rounds it -always- crashed eventually. The game is a crash fest, every second game at least there is one straight CTD and your devs have said they have no way of tracking or fixing bugs like that, so we are all just unable to play the game we paid for, which really makes it hard to defend the game when they see me playing it on steam and having to re-launch it every 10-20 minutes.


It’s still $60 on steam in the US at the moment, but you can pick it up digitally on G2A for around $20 and you can grab a physical copy on Amazon for $30, although it’s on sale on Amazon so it will eventually go back up to full $60 price there.