Concerns about Sunny


So Sunny is ‘‘getting looked at’’ in the next update, which is quite worrisome. As we all know, monsters are currently extremely powerful and are much harder to deal with than before. I’m very glad they are fixing the mess that is Wraith right now, it’s a quick response to a growing problem and I applaud TRS for recognizing this problem straight away.

However, with the upcoming Sunny nerf, the Support hunters are going to be in a bad place. We all know that shielding supports are often needed against any decent monster because otherwise the Medic just gets shredded within seconds. Hank is too nerfed to make any impact on the monster’s damage output and Tech Hank is still Tech Hank. Still, it seems like Tech Hank is the only person who can actually negate damage long enough for the Medic to have a chance. The only real Support is Sunny, a character that can protect her team. Without her, hunters will be in a bad place.

I’m afraid TRS is making the same mistake as they did back with Stage 1. They started listening to the vocal minority and the game became inaccessible for many new players. This is a mistake TRS can NOT afford to make again. History will repeat itself and after a few months the playerbase will be back to 100 players.

This is not a simple ‘‘git gud’’ kind of thing, this is about making Evolve accessible to all players. TRS, I hope you make the right decision and not make Evolve commit sudoku again.


Sunny came home with a list of names, she didn’t believe in transcendence. “It’s time for a few small repairs,” she said. Sunny came home with a vengeance.


I just hope Sunny will stay as useful as she is.


i love how sunny is atm, as a support main i hope she dosent get nerfed neither.


Lol wut she’s not the only viable support mate, Hank is still amazing in good hands (now he has good defense and bad offense) tech is finally good, Bucket is a beautiful piece of machinery now. Then there’s Cabot who’s still decent cause of his damage amp (that thing is still scary in the hands of a good Cabot-Assault pair) and then there’s Kala…I think she’s kinda garbage but what that’s my opinion.

Sunny will never be trash because she’s still the BEST support you can get. So much mobility and defense that there’s really zero downsides with picking her. Zero. Her mobility makes her a god amongst supports since it gets you out of harms way completely. It can also double as a way to allow assault to keep doing crazy damage while on the chase so you never get away (that’s if combined with trappers that can really slow you down (griffin man))

The shield regenerates shield much much Much faster than Hank does and is an amazing focus breaker in all situations.

Literally no drawbacks. If you think that a tiny little nerf will make her trash then I’m sorry but you are quite frankly nt as good as you think you are.


You missed the entire point of my post. It’s about keeping Evolve accessible.

Sunny is great right now, she’s exactly where she should be in terms of power. However, the vocal minority is yet again crying about nerfs. If TRS makes the same mistake as they did back with Stage 1/Legacy Evolve, then the game will die out again.

I’ve already seen and heard from a bunch of new players that they don’t like being destroyed by the same 2 monsters over and over again. That’s a huge problem for the future of Evolve.


It will probably be some small tweaks, who knows maybe parts of her kit will be buffed to balance out nerfs.
I think it’s also worth noting that sunny is among the best supports right now, so any small changes might not impact her that much, or at least I hope so


I do want to correct you on this point. TRS would not blatantly nerf/buff just because people are complaining.

TRS looks at telemetry such as win/loss ratio, what stage wraith won, damage done, etc.

IF TRS was balancing around people’s opinions then Kraken would have been nerfed hard by now.

I do also want to touch base on this point:

At Launch Support was suppose to keep the team alive, help the team, etc. In Stage 2, it’s all about keeping the hunters alive long enough for the dome to come down or the monster to die.

TRS is really pushing Hunter Strikes = Monster Health Damage for the balance ideal. If Sunny is not letting monster get strikes in exchange for health damage then TRS will adjust her accordingly.

I do also understand that new players, meh, and all, but just look at how bad Wraith is tearing up hunters, both new and old. Sunny should not be the hunter equivalent to Wraith.


i hope she gets nerfed at the moment she is hands down the best support in the game by far


Just because something is ‘‘the best’’ it shouldn’t mean that the character should get nerfed.



Sunny is the best at versatility. Hank is great for defense, Bucket is great for area-of-denial and hunter ability buffs, Cabot is pure damage, and Kala is mobility.

Sunny has Hank’s defense and Kala’s mobility. The major difference is that Sunny can defend/use mobility on the fly. Kala at least needs to place teles, and aren’t much use in a dome. Sunny’s drone can also switch on the fly, even protecting Sunny herself.

The problem is that Sunny is a jack-of-all-trades character, and thus she has many strengths in many areas. She can either excel at one area, or be watered down in multiple areas.


I think she just brings to much to the table.

She has amazing survivability tools and combined with certain hunters, they are just sooooooo frustrating to deal with.
I’ll devide my post in 3 major parts of the game: the chase, (dome) combat and what happens after the dome drops.

The chase:
First of all, she helps you track and trap the monster really fast because of the jetpack boost, combine this with a Caira and you can dash around the map at mach1 speeds(not really, but you get my point). No other support does this.

In combat:

  • Damage: Her dmg is ok, I remember this was really high when she was introduced but I think it’s in a good place now.
  • Jetpack booster: This thing is awesome, it can boost you straight up and get you out of any pinned situation. Combine that with some good trapper CC and you are frustrating the monster like hell because he can’t catch anybody. It has to be used manually, so the support has to make a decision, so I don’t have much problems with this.
  • Shield drone: Ok, so this is the reason I have problems with Sunny.
    If you have a good Sunny, she will keep this thing on 24/7 and it legitimatly makes it a MAJOR priority target for the monster. The monster will have to drop all other things to get this thing down, because if you let it charge up, it will mitigate ALOT of damage.
    By itself it’s not that much of a problem, but combine this with the new support shield boost + jetpack booster + this thing, if they are all up, there is no way a good hunter team with a decent medic will take a down. It also has 0!!! cooldown. As soon as this thing get’s destroyed you can replace it. And yes, it needs to charge up before it actually shields, but… if only for the reason, that the monster needs to drop a human target, get out of his way, to go kill this thing, it totally makes it worth it, even if it doesn’t do anything! You will have gained x-amount of precious seconds the mosnter isn’t doing ANY dmg. By the time you have that ding destroyed, the healer will have healed alot of the little damage the monster has done, and the support will drop another one and the entire process repeats itself. The only counter to this, is the focus sunny hard. And I mean hard, you throw everything you have at that b*tch :smiley:

After Dome drops:
So, stage 2 is here. All kinds of new changes and one in particular that catches my eye. The dome will drop after % of health damage has been done to the monster. Most of the time, you will do around 2-3 bars of health before it drops. Because of this, chip damage has become really important. After the dome drops you try to get as many shots in as you can, because that will give pure health damage.
Now if you have a Griffin harpooning the monster while he runs, and Sunny boosting Griffin after him, you can get alot of harpoons in him before he gets away. This provides the Assault to do ALOT of free potential damage that he would otherwise not be able to do. Supports like Cabot and Bucket may provide more damage, but that doesn’t really matter, since the monster gets away after the same %health damage. Sunny however, provides damage no other hunter comp would be getting, just because of the boosting.

So yeah, there you have it :smiley: Sorry for the long post, but IMO she is just to good overall. Atleast she should have a cooldown on the drone deploy imo.