Concerns about gameplay with expirienced players


First days in games like this is always fun, when nobody knows the maps, fauna, hiding spots… But what will be, if players will learn everything? There is already teams from 4 players who are splitting up to search all of the hiding spots fast, and even if you attack one of them - help will arrive faster, then you can finish him (especially if he is the support or fighter). And once they find you - abilities like speed burst and track (that lasts about a minute, no?) will help them to never lost your trail.

I am not saying that they are impossible to win, but in changes the gameplay a lot - once players learned how to abuse everything, this game is not longer abound hiding (because they know every spot, because there is not a lot of places where big monster can hide), but about running. You run, eat, fight, run again, and both sides is trying to set up fights in a good spots. And if people are using in ALREADY, so in few months after release all will play like this.

Will game still be fun after that? That’s what troubles me more then anything else, because stealth and avoiding enmies - is what i like more then anything else here.


So, i am the only one who thinks about it?)


I think you may be the only person that thinks having to constantly be trying to outwit and outrun your opponents is less fun than 6 mins of uncontested feeding? :wink: