Concerns about aftershock refactor

after the refactor Kraken will have even less chance to get on the ground, some hunter equipment will be even more useless against him, like mines of both Markov, thunder strike and plasma lance of Lennox, repulsor of Jack, harpoon traps
and I heard TRS wants to flat out the performance of hunters, so is there any chance you can make changes to these equipment so they perform well against all monsters?
like changing mines into claymore and tesla trap instead of high explosives,
allow harpoon traps set on wall with a harpoon trap launcher,
make thunder strike damage on hit when she goes upwards,
make repulsor actually do something ?

Do we even know what the refractor does…?

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well, most krakken players dont ever skill aftershock anyway, so in theory hes a monster with one less ability,i dont think they will rework peoples abilities as its krakkens strength to just deny 80% of assaults/trapper primary source of damage, but in turn he suffers greatly as most of his abilities are extremely telegraphed.

btw, jack repulsor does bring the krakken down but it requires to be at a slightly below to a same elevation of him and bend the beam up, for others well, i dont know.


Ah ok. I’m not on pc so I cant say much except for waiting to see what it actually does.

Honestly, I don’t see many Krakens and even fewer that select Aftershock. I know that Kraken rains on a lot of people’s parades but I don’t think we need many equipment changes.

That said I would fully endorse repulser changes and harpoons traps stuck on walls :grin:

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