Concern with Hyde vs Wraith event


So it seems people are unhappy with this event and making it very hard to play the game. People are dropping when the game is close to concluding just like before the nerf patch. For these games that the wraith was going to win, but people bail on the game, what is the impact on the event score? Does it count as a win or a wash?

For that matter, what’s stopping either side from throwing the game by either being the wraith and purposefully dying or being Hyde and purposefully throwing the game. The other events were innocent because they are inherently one sided. Some admitted, as the monster, that they sat near the turrets just to help the event.

What are other peoples experience thus far for the event. Are you met with excitement to fight the wraith? Are people ignoring the Wraith-Hyde combo in games? Has anyone else had a game were you were going to win and suddenly the game disconnects?


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