Concern with Behemoth's roll heavy attack


So, I was watching Prod1gyX’s stream and I noticed him spamming the roll so he could come out using a heavy attack. It was a rapid spam of roll, attack, roll, attack, roll, attack and it seemed a little too powerful to me from the looks of things. I’ll hold off on final decisions until I see and hear more feedback. Just something I feel might need to be looked into.

I'm not following any category, but

Wraith players do the same when juggling people in the air.


Never experienced that myself. I was just looking at the fact that this seems very difficult to escape due to the heavy attack’s knockback keeping the player from escaping.


And does anyone like wraith players?


I agree brandini. It looks really strong. Downing hunters very quickly.


Remember that its bots. A good hunter will easily be able to get away, flying away and such. These bots are like well thats a nice rock imma smash my face on it.


Sorry, good wraith players who can play at higher levels.


My concern was if the hunters could even jetpack due to the knockback


Well, yes, but the roll takes a small window of time. It also causes him to focus on one person, allowing damage from the rest of the team


The only good wraith is a dead wraith Key…

In all seriousness I’ve actually never seen this happen, what exactly does “Juggling” entail?


It’s the skywraith play. You get them in the air with abduct and keep them their by cycling warp blast, warps into heavy attacks, and warping up and reabducting.

Basically makes Caira useless for as long as you can keep it up because they can’t hit the ground.


I remember hearing some tips about this on one of the Behemoths stream. How to handle your basic attacks to chain strong ones. Seems legit. Will have to see how it feels in practice (probably painful considering the size of Behemoth’s fists)


Agreed, there is no reason to ever not do this move when in melee with Hunters. When something by far and away the best, causing you to ignore other tactics, it needs to be changed.

Perhaps a change so that it doesn’t just require that you are rolling, but that you have been rolling for X seconds or have reached Y speed with your roll.


There should definitely be a cooldown on it, seems like Behemoth will heavy attack 50% of the time if it traversals, releases traversal and melees. Roll, heavy attack, roll, regular melee, roll, heavy attack. It’s much faster than just meleeing and does more damage too. Try to get away? It’s rolling towards you and knocking you back almost at the same time that’s nuts. It’s ideal for feeding as well.

Side note: I like how your title is Spam Fighter, very appropriate!


You really think it will be that big of an issue? Behemoth already seems a bit weak compared to other monsters… might as well let him have scarey melee attack strings. Besides, Behemoth attacks way too slow so it was only a matter of time before someone was going to realize rolling between attacks is a way to keep people taking damage and to prevent Laz rezzes and whatnot.


Behemoth seemed weak in the last streams because high damage comps who knew what they were going to fight against and the people playing Behemoth hadn’t put much time into it yet. It’s FAR from weak, it simply requires the most situational awareness.


Still, we are not even aware if people can dodge between the attacks. It doesn’t seem so fast that a jetpack dodge wouldn’t be possible. I’m not even a monster player and I like the idea of Behemoth being scarey as hell when hes on you and you are out of fuel.


Not so fast? Behemoth goes from roll to heavy attack in a second, jetpack boost isn’t that fast and with a little aiming adjustment he’s onto them again. The only way to counter that is to boost back or pray you can jetpack over him. Remember that Behemoth is broader than the broad size of a barn, you’re not just going to boost away from him like you can with other Monsters.


“Spam Fighter”

Exploiting some cheap move over and over again to avoid having to skillfully use abilities? Surprising! In real play you’ll probably take a ton of damage from the rest of the team if you’re just doing roll-melee-roll-melee. Maybe Sunny’s jetpack boost will help avoid it too.


We will have to see on the 31st then. For now neither of us have hands on experience to make a proper claim on the subject.