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So many people refer to this game as a running simulator. A lot of this has to do with lack of skill and drives newbies away from this game. In reality hunters are very fast and if you know how to cut and jet pack well you can be very fast and catch monsters on evolve. I want to suggest a more user friendly and coaching tutorial for the hunters. New players will be recommended to play against bots for the first few games. These games will consist of jet pack management training and achievements with time and distance covered. It will also include how to cut the monster properly and prepare for any jukes. And these first games will be played on much smaller maps. This will give a fair introduction to how the game is played, and give newcomers a taste of how it feels to be a good hunter, so they will want to practice on the bigger maps rather than blame the game and not see the opportunity to become a better hunter. The only way for this game to be successful is to grab the newbies and pull them in. I don’t think this game really pulls people in, it kind of says “I’m going to drop you either fly or die”. I’m typing this all on my phone so excuse the possible grammar and run on sentences.


This is usually not the way to do it; forcing people to jump through hoops, in my experience, just creates frustration.

However if there was the time to slightly rework the hunter tutorial to include better information on not chasing tracks that would be cool. Also, having to have people play both tutorials rather than just the monster one.

I’d like for the game to introduce a “coach” system at some point, have higher level people able to be invited to matches on the basis of giving advice.


What I think would be a great idea is to have some community made tutorials appearing in the game, if not replacing the videos that are already there.

Could be an event/contest. Would be fun, I’m sure.

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A general couple hunter tutorial videos could be nice. Demonstrating survival, traversal, and hunting techniques to new players.

I would love a coaching/mentor system/ability put in place.


This is my reply to a similar topic a couple of months ago:

Personally I would Youtube a lot of games I play when I want to get better. In MH4U for example, I needed to know how to mount Monsters, so I looked it up. I also looked up how to use the Greatsword more effectively and now I’m a mean, lean, slicing machine!

It’d be cool to see something like either TRS produced Tutorials on Youtube, or they could spotlight User Made ones. Maybe have a pop up telling people to look it up on their Youtube account or Forums that will appear on loading screens or the main menu.

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@MaddCow You make Community Coaching vids. I’ll make like extended Hunter Tutorials with gameplay footage from Xbox and put it on Youtube. We will crush it :wink:

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Not forcing them but having them there to refer to (tutorials)

TRS has done this. I’m not quite sure where, but I know they have done stuff like this. They have a channel, and tutorial videos have been talked about, but I have no idea where the videos are. Unless it’s in their streams, which are on their youtube channel.

Which is why thy should be more visible. I know they exist, they are just only on Facebook and Twitter. Use the in-game updater.

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