Concept monster


New monster idea like no other 5 monster.

Velvet Worm Stage One would have high health but a small pool of armor about half of goliaths
Its abilitys are below…but stage 2 has a little more health and armor then stage 3 has behemoth strength but wraiths speed and a wider area of effect when attacking it dwells in the Crystal Woods or DeadMans Mine and these places usually have bad weather that shes immune to,the stage 3 has a huge health bar but only a tiny bit more armor than stage 2.

Burrow this is were the beasts digs under earth hiding from its persuers for a time and can emurge and attack a hunter.

Leech Spore it blasts an area with venomous spores that cover a wide area and if hunters do not escape the area effect they will go down quick making another teammate have to come get you up.

Constrict this is a stealth move it approaches prey slow and then rapps around it crushing the life out of it you see a teammate must free you from its grasp.

Probosis Tongue Grab similiar to behemoths tongue grab but the velvet worm stabs them bringing them to her position which this move may cause an instant knockdown meaning someone will have to get you back up.