Concept Hunters


Imagine 4 more hunters

Trapper Isaac he has a pet venom hound it can find the monster and poison him and return.
He would have a doam of course that would cover a larger area than the normal doam.
A Toxic Heavy Sniper Rifle that poisons the monster and cuts armor a little,small clip.
Mustard Gas Grenades that would flush the monster out while cause fire damage,
Isaac was a former aviary specialists that seen monsters take everything from him,he wants aliens dead no matter the cost.

Assault Fiona would have the Fire Lightning Gun that would blast flaming bolts of electricity but cannot chain attack opponents and the Overshield that can absorb 25 percent more damage before wearing off and Smoke Mines they emite a huge cloud of smoke blinding any non human thing in the area for a time and the Salter rapid wide area blasting tommygun like smg that can make tons of weak points on the monster allowing for quick extra damage for a small amount of time,She is Markovs former sgt she’s bulky,rough,blonde and rude.

Support Fay would be cabots sister and 2nd in command her loadout would be
Rock Wall Amplifier this builds a stone blockade between friends and foes similiar to behemoths ability but this was able to be built because she extracted DNA from a almost dead behemoth.
Piston Crossbow this modified future weapon blasts explosive rail bolts that can shredd armor quick these also can blast threw walls similiar to cabot gun and she also has Cloak which well cloaks the hunters from sight and finally has a Force Field that covers all the hunters similiar to hanks 2nd weapon but allows everyone to keep fighting on taking a good deal of damage before wearing off.

Medic Lisa is The Hunter Slims contact for news on the monster overruns and attacks
She a female insectoid thats the same race as he is and her loadout consists of
The Healing Burst that unlike other can instantly revived dead allies but only heals a small pool of health,Hologram Projector device that projects a identical clone of herself like the wraith with decoy,
It fights until the device is out of juice and her Net Launcher this captures the monster inside a large net allowing hunters to beat the life out of the monster but the monster can escape it like maggies harpoon traps the net can be ripped out of and last the her pet Mammoth Bird tracks the monster more precise and if attacked emites an electric burst disabling one of the 4 monsters abilitys but he can be downed like trapjaw daisy.

Or Give someone a pet phantom.


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