Computer screen turning off during game


My computer screen at times is turning off during games. Well should say Tutorial haven’t done actual games yet. It runs well enough on my computer on low settings but the screen now and then shuts itself off and I’m not entirely sure why. No other game does this to me @_@


Hmm this is interesting, I’ve never seen this issue before.

@ArPharazon is there anything you can think of on this?


It seems like way, way back soon after original release, we had a report like this. I have to say it sounds like a video card malfunction. Check for overheating?


That’s what I figured was some sort of overheating. What confuses me though is I can play any new game on computer plays just fine on medium to high settings with a select few having to be a touch lower. Overheating has never been a thing for my computer personally so find it really weird. Just find it odd and blah that just one game is causing such an issue. What can one do to fix such an issue.