Compromise for Laz


So I hear (read) that people are very partial on the Laz change the change being that dead hunters will be revived with 1 strike while incapped hunters are brought back without strikes.
To me I want to see this in action with the incapped state buff as well, but depending on what happens, what if when a dead hunter is partially eaten (so only 1 bar) that’s when the hunter gets a strike, but all other times it’s no strikes. This could be compensated with a bit longer time needed to revive a dead hunter and cooldown respectively.
Just a quick idea I had with small thought behind it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does it have to be eaten? Or slightly decomposed?


Either way. As long as there’s only 1 bar if meat on the corpse.


Eh, it seems like a bit much. Having the monster have to stand there and whale on a downed hunter sounds like enough. They’re really pushing Laz as an offensive medic, and I like that.


I recommend people at least try to see something in action before suggesting changes based off of something that isn’t even implemented yet.



10 chars


But you’re still asserting that you believe the change terrible otherwise you wouldn’t be offering counter suggestions :slight_smile:


I actually am very curious about the change, but i see a lot of people who don’t like it, so depending on what happens I want to see what the above suggestion would be like. :slightly_smiling:


A lot of people don’t like veggies, doesn’t mean they aren’t good for you :slight_smile: Vocal opinions =/= the majority as maybe 5-10% of people who play the game are on the forums and vocal opinions don’t mean they are right either :slight_smile: I just see so many people flipping out over changes they haven’t even seen, let alone played, and might not even be in the next update.


I dont know how I feel about these changes. To my understanding these changes meant that Laz would be getting a buff to his healing. And I seriously am not cool with having a medic with such an effective healing burst + a cloak.


Personally, I’m not for the Lazarus change but if they feel like it is necessary then I’ll trust them. Wait until after it is implemented before passing judgment.


You have to admit though, It takes alot of the cheese factor out of Lazarus as a character and gives the monster player a very defined moment to achieve in order to negate the revive and a strike. It also doesn’t deny Lazarus his role as the revive medic as even if the hunter takes a strike the monster must stay even longer to deny the revive. Which in and of itself is a compromise to alot of the flak that Lazarus gets. I know Lazarus can be countered now but it forces the monster to really risk it all on 2-3 fights as opposed to being able to make any progress in an evolving series of arenas placed around the map.

I think its a nice middle ground and it gives Lazarus a place to shine as the revive medic AND if the team can properly bring the pressure then they will be rewarded with a revive with no strike or a crap ton of damage on the monster. With Down hunter health being increased also it will probably increase the amount of time the monster has to stay in order to deny the whole revive anyways


I’m reserving judgment on the Laz changes until I see them in action. I am, however, also very wary of them and have set my expectations on how “right” they’ll get these changes quite low.


no longer down health lets not forget laz heal fields and hank shields or if it assault shields then to trying to eat the body


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