Comprehensive Map Discussion Thread


Thanks for the thread! I’m super excited for that winter+forest map (Biodome) and the Weather Control map and the unknown map that the Lazarus rescue gameplay takes place on! Wish we got to see that variety in the alpha!


Why does Biodome look soon cool? I don’t know :confused:


Because it is just cool :stuck_out_tongue:
It is 2 maps in 1 x)


I wonder how the acid maps would,look with the flooded perk active. Would this mean larger acid pools?


Hmm, a good question. I’m guessing it would, but as only 4 maps ‘border’ the Dam map by design (each map has a maximum 4 maps it can influence), it would depend on whether any acid maps bordered it.


Did not realise that the next map is limited to which ones are closest. But that makes a lot of sense so it could be that they only would group ones that flooding would look natural for. I wonder if that means the snow biomes are only southern and northernmost areas?


I’m wondering that too, I think they’d spread them, but it makes more geographic sense to bunch them together.


One happy thought I just had, is that the overall map looks like one continent. Obviously this does not make up the whole of Shear (I hope). This could very well support dlc of new maps since it leaves things open ended for new continents on Shear.


I hadn’t thought of that… I was wondering how they’d do the DLC maps and I’d thought maybe as an island, but a whole continent sounds pretty fun. I just have a hard time believing they’ll release 12 / 16 maps at a time though, but maybe 6 / 8?


Mayby they will introduce new Planet!
With new whole different Monster and wildlife as a DLC :slight_smile:


That is possible, and I’d really enjoy that, I just got the impression that would be a LOT of work (whole new plants, wildlife, etc). I think the idea with staying on Shear that they can use the same flora and fauna that took a long time to create. Not saying they wouldn’t introduce a couple new animals or plant types, but I think a whole bunch of brand new plants and animals to distinguish itself as a new planet would be a significant amount of work… Maybe eventually they’ll do this, but I don’t think it’s in the scope for the first few free map packs.


Ye your right
Of course they can’t create whole new wildlife :smile:
They can use Old maps and Old wildlife and just change it


Added some more awesome footage of Weather Control, thanks to @Krirub, still unsure if the map is desert of forest biome.

In an interview I watched yesterday Chris gives an example of an evacuation win perk;

Hunters; chemical spraying over the map interferes with the monster’s sense of smell, removing his smell ability for the entire match (ouch!)
Monster; chemicals leak into the water, causing mutations in the local wildlife.

Not sure what map this could be for… Distillery perhaps?


I think that it would be, it makes the most sense


Aviary confirmed as a map… Is that Biodome’s real name? Or a new map? Hmmm…


Hmmm… some of your info is wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m open for corrections! :wink:


Cold as ice.


The only things that could be wrong that I see are the names of Biodome, Weather Control, or the biome for the barracks. Otherwise, I can cite the rest of the information there. Mysterious!


Refueling Tower’s Hunter Victory map effect is not Orbital Lasers. Just think about what the description of that effect is… you might be able to figure out which map it goes to :stuck_out_tongue: