Comprehensive Map Discussion Thread


I know there’s an ‘ideas’ thread, but I thought a thread to discuss the actual existing maps in game would be useful. We know there’s 12 ‘regular’ maps that can play any mode, plus 4 ‘defend only’ maps. Here’s what I’ve got so far (I’ll update later to add videos and pictures)

- Snow Biome -


The first snow map revealed, this map features a small cave system in the north, with rivers running down to a lake large lake. The distillery compound features a large hangar with multiple entrances.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: A scent-masking agent is sprayed on the next map, disabling the monster’s sniff ability.
Monster: Chemicals leak into the waterways, making the wildlife mutate and become more aggressive.


A large biodome in this map contains a lush forest biome, but outside the walls lies a snowy tundra.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: Birds are released from the aviary, increasing the number of bird packs in the next map, and increasing the chance of carrion birds to swarm.
Monster: Phantoms, large predator birds, escape from the aviary and are a threat to the hunters.


High scaffolding and open entryways to covered interior spaces mark the Medlab area of this map, with a dense forested area nearby.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: Medical healing stations are deployed for the hunters to use, although they can be destroyed by the monster.
Monster: Healing chemicals from the destroyed Medlab find their way into the environment, making carnivorous plants edible, healing monster.

King’s Fort

Snow biome defend map.

- Forest Biome -

Fusion Plant

The first map ever showcased, Fusion Plant features a lush jungle in the north which falls away to a dead forest surrounding a power facility.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: Turrets are powered up in the next map.
Monster: Toxic gas clouds are present on the next map, dealing damage to hunters that move into them.

Refueling Tower

The industrial area of this map features a large junkyard and a large interior facility, which contrasts with the forest area marked by a branching river and many rocky outcroppings providing elevation changes.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: Taking to the skies, a cargo vessel helps to spot the monster for the hunters and relay its position.
Monster: A Goliath minion will accompany the monster onto the next map.

Weather Control

This map is set on a rocky island with a cavernous interior with multiple entrances and exits. The island has a forested area cupped on one side, with bridges and scaffolding providing cover and additional routes.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: With the weather control plant back in action, the next map has clear skies and no rain.
Monster: Constant heavy rain in the next match makes tracking the monster harder, and increases the number of carnivorous plants.

New Calico

Forest biome defend map.

- Desert Biome -


A large dam sits at one end of the map, with a river carving it’s way up the valley and splitting the map in two.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: Perimeter fences are active on the next map, reducing the monster’s movement.
Monster: Sections of the next map are flooded, making it easier to move without leaving tracks, and harder for hunters to move about. There are also additional canyon eels present in the water, making the flooded areas dangerous.


The armory itself is at the top of this map, which drops down towards a waterfront. The extreme height differences from the top of the map to the bottom will be a key tactical feature.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: Small mobile aerial turrets are deployed in the next match across the map, which fire on and follow the monster.
Monster: EMP blasts occasionally lock out or shut down hunter skills.

Wraith Trap

Thin, channeled valleys and high walls surroung an industrial trap containing a Wraith. Sections of the valleys are lush with forests, giving way to more arid areas.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: Teleporter kiosks are deployed in the next map.
Monster: Rips in space allow the monster to quickly move from one area to another.

Map Tour

Salveron Industries

Desert biome defend map.

- Acid Biome -

Orbital Drill

A craggy map with lots of small valleys and pools of acid dotted about makes navigation tricky for hunters and monster alike.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: On the next map, orbital lasers occasionally target the monster for additional damage.
Monster: Satellite wreckage rains down on the map which the hunters must avoid.

Rendering Plant

This map is split into two distinct halves by a narrow choke point, with acidic lakes dotted by rocky outcroppings at either end.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: A group of 4 colonists join the hunters on the next map.
Monster: Canyon striders, freed from the rendering plant, are more numerous on the next map.


Not much is known about this map yet.

Evacuation win perks
Hunters: An Ebonstar ally joins the hunters on the following day.
Monster: A shuttle crashes, providing additional bodies for the monster to feast on.

Colonial Water and Power

Acid biome defend map.

thanks to @Takran, @b1nge, @CarNo65, @Magik_boom and many other contributors for many details :smile:

(Canon) - Backstory of each Map in Evolve
Desert Maps
Map Effect Ideas?

Footage of the maps will go here, to keep the first post clear and easier to read;
##Distillery (snow biome) ##

Aviary (snow biome)

Unknown Map (snow biome)

King’s Fort (snow biome, defend only)

Fusion Plant (forest biome)

Refueling Tower (forest biome)

Unknown map (forest biome)

New Calico (forest biome, defend only)

Dam (desert biome)

Armory (desert biome)

Weather Control (desert biome?)

Salveron Industries (desert biome, defend only)

Orbital Drill (acid biome)

Rendering Plant (acid biome)

Barracks (acid biome)

Unknown defense map (acid biome, defense only)


Good work done there
I like it :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’m thinking Barracks may actually be the acid biome, but I’m not certain from the footage we have so far.


Waiting for more info about Biodome…
I love this map, hope it is for Hunt mode :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re in luck, because all maps are for all modes, defense is the only mode with it’s own maps that cannot be played on other modes. :smiley:


Oh nice :smile:
And just realized new vid you posted :slight_smile:


Wow the biodome is really big map :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it looks really interesting! I think tactically it’s going to be very fun… Snowstorms assumably only on the outside of the dome, and (although I’ve not seen an actual map), I’m guessing the perimeter of the map is all snow and the center is the biome, so retreating outside offers a tactical advantage to the monster wanting to get lost in the snowstorm. Also, the entrances and exits look limited, so crossing the dome, staying outside, etc will offer interesting tactical choices.


A few details that may help:

-There are 12 regular maps and 4 defend maps for a total of 16 - therefore we know all forest and desert maps, leaving a regular acid map, a defend acid map, and a regular snow map left over.

-The fusion plant hunter bonus is turret power ups
-The refueling tower hunter bonus is orbital lasers that chase the monster in combat.
-Though not confirmed in video, devs have mentioned a monster bonus where a weather facility causes harsh rain for the whole match and makes lots and lots of carnivorous plants grow. This is likely the weather control.
-The dam monster bonus also has been said to cause increased frequency of canyon eels in an interview.

You have lots of good info here :slight_smile: I’ll try and dig up some footage for the missing maps on the second post.

Also, out of curiosity, where did you find names for the weather control and biodome maps? I’ve been searching like crazy for the names!


Thanks for the extra info, I’ll add that in!

Weather Control comes up as an achievement during the gameplay video, at the end, for completing a round on that map. As for Biodome, I have to admit it’s a total assumption on my behalf, I’m sure a dev mentioned the biodome map a few weeks ago at some point, then seeing the footage I made the leap of assumption, so I’m certainly willing to change it if new info comes to light! :smile:


It sounds totally legit to me - now that you say it, I do recall mention of both of these things at some point, but I never really put it together. Nice observation!


Just curious about these numbers, either I’m missing some maps, or there are a few more to be discovered;

Unknown (1)
Unknown (2)
King’s Fort (defense only)

Fusion Plant
Refueling Tower
Weather Control
Unknown (3)
New Calico (defense only)

Unknown (4 - although we have footage of this map)
Salveron Industries (defense only)

Orbital Drill
Rendering Plant
Unknown (5)
Unknown (6)
Unknown defense map (7)

So we’re missing 2 snow, 1 forest, the name of 1 desert, and 3 acid (1 of which is defense only).

edit I have a feeling Barracks may be acid biome, too… although that still leaves an extra map to discover, just means it’s desert biome rather than acid ^.^


I’m also confused on where the Barracks belong. I see acid plants and desert plants in a background that is just dark enough to be acid and just light enough to be desert. I didn’t see any bodies of fluid to clarify it either.

As for numbers we have:

12 regular:
–Fusion Plant
–Refueling Tower
–Weather Control


–Unknown (1)

–Orbital Drill
–Rendering Plant
–Unknown (2)*

4 Defense:
Forest - New Calico
Desert- Salveron Industries
Snow - King’s Fort
Acid - Unknown (3)

*Barracks may switch places with Unknown(2)

We have 16 maps on release, with 4 per biome including defend. We know almost every location at this point. That’s why I was so shocked with the triple reveal yesterday!


Aha, of course, my stupid brain not doing math correctly…

So 1 snow, 1 acid or desert, 1 defense still to go. Gotcha ^^


Everyone makes silly math mistakes now and then. I got your back!


In fact, that Barracks map MUST be an acid biome map, because the footage for the map we don’t know the name of is DEFINITELY a desert biome map… Therefore we have;

1 unknown snow map
1 unnamed desert map (with footage)
1 unknown defense acid map.


Looking at the footage, I think the unknown desert one is actually the weather control - look at the views from each initial dropship jump. It is the same map.


Huh, right you are! So which biome is Weather Control then? It has desert and forest biome foliage. The video that made me think it was desert looks much more sparse (although the person is moving inside caverns), which the one that made me think it was forest is lush and has many forest biome plants… :confused:


I lean gently toward forest, though we don’t have enough info to say for certain at the moment. It looks pretty lush but also lots of caverns.