Completionists and the 2 Tutorial Mission Badges


Curious how many will play the tutorial alone until they get gold on both?!?

I only ask because for some reason I actually had a hard time getting past Goliath’s 6:00 mark, literally was getting 6:05, 6:11, 6:02. Just for one reason or another was making a bad leap or something on the soldiers and getting stuck or just some dumb thing.

Of course the hunter challenge is very easy - first time I took my time, just because I really wanted to see if I picked up a nuance I hadn’t in Big Alpha. Then when I did it ‘for real’, it was well under Gold. (again, I’m an average type gamer - see Goliath attempts above :stuck_out_tongue: )

So - do you care about those badges? :slight_smile:


3 times total for goliath and markov. 1 because i had to. and i had no idea that it is timed.
then got both medals without trouble.

i did not like the idea that i had to spend 10 minutes on a tutorial when my friends are already waiting for me. bad move trs.


I simply could not get better than Silver for Monster. For whatever reason, the game would minimize and my cursor would go out of lock from the primary screen. Literally, on average, the game would minimize 7-12 times per session; So Silver was all I could muster with all that wasted time.


I did get gold on the Goliath tutorial. It took me 3 tries as well. Finished at 5:58.


Now, this I can understand. I got silvers right away for both, (well 2nd time for monster once I realized they were timed), but this is the point of my thread:

Because I just HAD to get Gold, and because I’m an average player, it took like 4 or 5 tries to Gold with Monster (and to be fair, one or two restarts early on LOL) and I’m trying to Stream this stuff. LOL. Next time no stream till after. But I still enjoyed them.


yeah… i am kinda inclined to say that some badges should be harder to get, and therefore not possible for every one. this is a tutorial and you can only make it that difficult… so, it is okay i guess.


I like stuff like this :stuck_out_tongue: the times were challenging, but not ridiculous. The trick with the monster tutorial was to dash whenever you could. It saves stamina and lots of time.


Took me like 5 tries total to get both (excluding the first time tutorial because I didn’t know it was timed)


Dash, and for me…to be a bit patient on the leap slams. You can’t just spam the buttons, take time to aim a bit, etc.


I thought the 6:00 might be too tight, but these suggestions make sense. I didn’t want to waste time trying to nail it, so I just did it three or four times. I definitely do want to tick that gold for release, though.


As long as i’m able to skip the tutorials (which i can in Evolve) i’m happy. I don’t like that crap as playing tutorials i just want to play the real deal.


The goliath tutorial was pretty tough and it took me many tries before I landed the gold. I also just remembered that are a few bugs in that tutorial such as when you fight the soldiers near the cave sometimes they will respawn when you kill the last one. I had this happen 3 times in a during one of my tries at the mission. I finally figured out that I had to make sure I didn’t get to far away from the waypoint where you first engage them or you run the risk of them respawning and having to fight them again. When I did finally beat the tutorial I had a time of 5:58.


I only ever saw them respawn if I didn’t complete the objective first (hit them with a certain attack)


Goliath second time, only because first time I needed to change video settings. Markov = first time. The secret to getting it with monster is just use your leaps earlier than when the game tells you. When it comes to the combat sections, just hit one of them with the ability you are supposed to use and then you can use the rest. For the sloth, just flame from distance, then leap + charge + melee usually kills it. When it comes to the Hunters showing up, just go after Hank/Val ping the assault to have him waste shield and then focus maggie then assault.


You know what was SO odd for me? The tutorial mission ran on my rig at all medium settings across the board, and ran well! I was thinking “Hey! TRS really did do a lot of optimizations for beta!”

But when I started playing MP matches, it dropped to a point where I had to go back to turning all settings to lowest/off in order to keep myself at the 60FPS range.



Doesn’t take a lot of time once you know the tutorial by heart.

It was fairly easy-- the only thing you need to watch out for is that, if you don’t use the ability the tutorial -wants- you to use, your enemies will respawn until you use it. So when the game asks you to “charge” at the soldiers, charge at LEAST one of them. The game will then tell you to " Finish them! " and at this point you can feel free to kill them however the hell you want. Just be aware of where you have to head as soon as you finish your objective, and it’ll make your final time a lot shorter.


Gold on both, first try. Because you just pause the game, and set the balance to favor you, so that way it’s quicker.


I messed up the first time for both cause i didn’t relaize it was timed and was goofing off in the monster one then the Hunter one I got lsot cause i didn’t relaize I had to follow the tracks exactly even though i followed them past that little ledge. That was a good 3 or 4 minutes wasted then i jst went back and did them again. wasn’t too bad the second time since I knew what to do


Yeah, I goofed off too just to get a better feel of Goliath. I still only ended up like 30s off, so I didn’t really bother trying to do it again. I did get the Markov one first try though. But getting gold in the full game is definitely something I’m going to try and do


I like Goliath + Batwings badge. Stage 4 evolution!