Completed Tutorial but cannot queue for multiplayer after [Fixed]

I’ve tried completing the tutorial several times, even after restarting evolve, but to no avail. Cant seem to unlock the Play button in the Main Menu.

After completing the tutorial, it brings me to Select a Role Page, where selecting any role would result in a black screen with buttons with the @UI_PLAYER text around.

Please Advise.


Can you please try verifying the integrity of your game cache? Here’s a link with information about it:

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I had to restart Steam a few times before it worked

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I’ve restarted steams and tried it and verified the game cache as well. The problem still persists.

Hm… Since we’re unable to get the issue internally, we’re going to need your game logs, @Pyrospunk. Can you read the logging part in the same link as last time, run the logging .bat file, and send me what’s generated please?