Complete list of suggested character-tweaks at this time


This is my complete list of character-tweaks I’d like to see for the game in its present state, as well as mentions of which characters I feel are now correct.

HANK: Correct.

UAV - More responsive altitude-controls needed; Add ability to set ping markers from UAV view.
GUIDED MISSILE LAUNCHER - Increase speed of missiles by 20%.

DUST TAGGING - Increase duration of tag by 5s.
RAIL CANNON - Revert reloading-speed to its pre-nerf level (but keep the damage nerf).

JETPACK BOOSTER - Change the way it works so that it acts as a fuel-recharge buff of 200% while being fired and give it a charge duration similar to that of Hank’s Shield Projector.

VAL: Correct.

PERSONAL CLOAK - Make it a toggle.
LAZARUS DEVICE - Make it so that when equipped bodies within 30m are immune to being eaten.

CAIRA: Correct.
SLIM: Correct.

PET TRAPJAW - The ability command-key should call Daisy to heel for a few seconds, before she then resumes standard behaviour (this will stop her suiciding pointlessly during relay-defences).

GRIFFIN: Correct.
ABE: Correct.
CROW: Correct.

ARC MINES - Revert arm-time to pre-nerf level.

HYDE: Correct.
PARNELL: Correct.

MORTAR CANNONS - Impose a minimum-range (so it cannot be fired directly into the sky or point-blank into a Monster’s face).


They are fixing torvald for that reason.

And I think Val needs a buff actually






Val still needs a faster healing rate since you can only heal a single target; Caira still heals faster and she has the possibility of healing the entire team at once, including herself. Make Heal Burst more powerful, heal the Medic the same as everyone else with it, and bring Slim’s Heal Burst more in-line with other Medics. Take the timer off of dead bodies for Lazarus - they can already be eaten. Give him more cloak time, either with a toggle or with a shorter duration/cooldown.

Too many self-nerfing abilities. Like, if you’re gonna take away the heavy damage of mines, then give them a more obvious blinking light or something instead of a big red glowing “TRAP HERE” warning.


these tweaks are nothing more than hunter buffs

is anyone thinking about monster gameplay these days ? there aren’t already enough monster players out there

but all I hear from topic to topc is: nerf monster X, nerf wildlife because of monsters, buff hunters

go on like that and in some months the 4vs1 multiplayer part can be fully replaced by the 4vsAI koop part


Val’s heal burst will be 50% stronger on herself, not faster though.


I’m convinced Heal Burst needs to be a stronger healing mechanic universally, not just buffs here or there to specific characters. It shouldn’t heal any Medic for less than it heals teammates, and it should either heal more generally or have an overall shorter cooldown.

Lazarus matches are still a s–tshow without in-combat healing unless everyone took the same perk. Val’s healing still feels laughably slow compared to Caira - who already has multiple other healing advantanges. Slim has to put himself in harm’s way to get frequent Heal Bursts, and his Heal Burst was pre-nerfed so it heals for almost half as much as anyone else - which begs the question, how much of an advantage is is really that he can negate cooldown if it takes 40% more Heal Burst for the same amount of healing? As much as I like the Medic characters, they don’t seem to be addressing the root of the problem with the unbalanced Medic class. AFAIK Heal Burst is the only class skill with different values for every character, and that doesn’t seem to be a good thing.


It’s nice to know there’s such a minuscule chance would either look at or implement these outlandish ideas.

Might as well throw away the booster while we’re at it.


[quote=“Cluny, post:1, topic:55339”]
BUCKET: UAV - More responsive altitude-controls needed; Add ability to set ping markers from UAV view.GUIDED MISSILE LAUNCHER - Increase speed of missiles by 20%.
[/quote] NEeds a faster sentry arm time and then we’re talking

[quote=“Cluny, post:1, topic:55339”]
VAL: Correct.

[quote=“Cluny, post:1, topic:55339”]
TORVALD: MORTAR CANNONS - Impose a minimum-range (so it cannot be fired directly into the sky or point-blank into a Monster’s face).
[/quote] right…


upgrade Val is easy!!!
just make the heal gun as effective as Hank/Sunny/Cabot guns.
heal to full
balance the gun by capacity or refill speed.


The Jetpack Booster fix and Mortar Cannons change on the list are nerfs, not buffs.

However, the reason I haven’t made any suggestions for tweaks to the current list of Monsters is that I think they’re all correct now. There are some bugs we know about - for example, Kraken isn’t being forced to the ground correctly by some movement-affecting abiliities - but those are bug fixes, not tweaks, and so outside of the remit of this list.


Sunny’s shield drone either needs to be weaker or only be able to shield a certain amount of damage. It’s ridiculous that it has a lot of health, shields anyone getting damaged and recharges quickly.


Uh… no. No on everything. Especially Sunny.