Complete Hunter Wallpapers

Made more wallpapers for Evolve!

FEEDBACK is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Brown Cinnamon Sugar Spice hmmm baby you looking fine in 4k

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This looks amazing! Great job! :smiley:

Also i found one of Cabot’s renders earlier, if your interested;




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Dang! That was fast, lol.

I love the support class one since its my fav class i will defiantly be using that as my wallpaper!

You need to download the wallpaper again. I totally forgot to use the Support icon, incase you didn’t notice it still has the Trapper one but in a yellow colour. Fail on my part, lol.

Yeah i noticed, and re-downloaded. Again these are really good. :smile:

Where are the images coming from? Very cool.

These are fantastic! I can’t wait to see what the last ones look like! I will have to make a cycling desktop theme for when they are done. It will rule!

For anyone looking for the high quality .png hunter or monster images, you can go to and replace abe with any hunter or monster name you want. Parnell, Caira, and monster three are not added yet though.

Cool! Now added to my desktop background rotation. :slight_smile:

Nice! These are sweet!

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Thanks! Is there a chance I could get the renders of Tier 3 Assault and Medic? I already have the Medic and Assault done, but I just need to put in Parnell and Caira and I can upload them.

Here’s a preview of what they look like so far:


Monster background? Pretty please?

Done! I’ll update the wallpaper when the third monster is revealed.

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Seeing the characters like this, I only just noticed how the class colour is represented in each character. It’s nicely done. The wallpapers are gorgeous, nice job!

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I’ll have the Medics done by the end of the week, once they update the website and then Assault will be ready next week. Can’t wait! :smile:

If anyone can find a render of Caira somewhere that would be helpful.

These are awesome bro, thanks! Medic is my main gig, so I would love to see Caira added sometime soon, but I guess you need a render of her from Turtle Rock/2k. Haven’t seen any renders of her anywhere.

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They only posted a nice static 360 of her on the cosplay thread. But yes, loving the medic wallpaper! Can’t wait to see Caira!

@omni @Guardian

Medic has been updated.


Awesome stuff bro. Hope you’ll stick with it as future characters are released!