Complaints about the behemoth


I open this post to complain about the behemoth in the hope that it will serve to miglioriorarne the performance in the future; start by saying that I find it shameful that the resistance has much lower than the wraith and useless mettergli much life and armor if we take it away in two seconds, should be as resistant to the solidity of the monsters instead of a sand castle, unable to do I rely on the speed of it on the strength you have to bet on 'attack, but two shots out of 4 have an animation that forced him to stay still and come riddled with bullets, not counting that you may be missing, the shots do not do enough damage to make up for the defects and you can not hope to do stealth sufficiently effective than the other three monsters, can not focus only on dividing the group of hunters with the wall of rocks that do not tell enough not counting the bug that depending on where you throw ognitanto appears or not or sliding scale, the more I play the more I find defects.
I who have taken the game in pre-order, so I have spent money on it, if I want I can not use it, I do not lose anything, but who bought it had to seek out an amount of money (15 euro europe) I can not find should they be specato money on a monster from the most low performance compared to the other 3 I can understand it must be slow but his whole strategy is useless if it is not supported by the defense and put the skill on harm reduction does not compensate.


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