Complaints about DLC after article from GameSpot


So here is the article Co-Op Shooter Evolve Built to Accommodate DLC “More So Than Any Game Ever Before”

Just looking at the comments about the game people are raging and saying they won’t buy it anymore because they think Evolve is just another game where you get half the game and have to pay to get the rest out of it. It’s kind of sad to see so many players turned off by this and yet not even fully understand that this is the best way to support the game. They could just release the game and not support it at all and have their be 3 monsters 12 hunters, but they want to add more to it. And you will still get an amazing experience without buying DLC long as the developers are up to date on balancing.


The article is misleading - the idea is that evolve is a component based game. It has hunters, monsters, maps, and wildlife. Because these all are separate things that interact, it makes long term support via DLC easier to make. It seems clear to me that Turtle Rock intends to release a full game, nothing DLC held back. Future installments will be easier to make at higher quality because of the structure of it, but the intention isn’t to nickle and dime gamers with it. Just the fact that DLC won’t cause community fractures is proof of that.

Also, just be aware, Gamespot has a massive anti-evolve community. No idea why, but I’ve never read a positive comment on that site.


What’s frustrating is that they haven’t mentioned the following;

  • You can play against/with DLC characters.
  • Maps will be free as a means to not separate the community.

I can understand why people are reacting so negatively though. Everyone regularly involved on these Forums are fans of Turtle Rock and Evolve, and we know that DLC is going to benefit the game even for those who don’t purchase it.

For the average person reading that article, it comes across as if the game only exists to earn big money from DLC, especially with the title mentioning that DLC can be implemented “more so than any other game”.

I feel like one of the main points it should convey is that you can still have a great time in Evolve without feeling at a disadvantage for not having the DLC.

Very damaging and misleading article in my opinion. It’s a shame to see so many people turned away because of it.


Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like anyone that posts on Gamespot would end up making a lousey teammate a big percentage of the time.


It’s definitely not just you. For some reason there’s a movement amongst Gamespot users to hate Evolve. Every Evolve article is filled with ignorant “This looks super boring/generic blah blah blah” and most of their “insults” are made with incorrect information.

Plus an article that says “DLC isn’t all that bad” will just be met with hate by self-righteous internet warriors.


Yeah I can’t say I’m happy with how this article has been written, very misleading. I get the feeling a majority are just trolls but I hope things like this wont damage the games sales in the long run as I’m massively looking forward to playing this game for a long time with lots of cool dlc in the future.


A good rule of thumb is that it is always a good idea to avoid reading comments on Gamespot. I will watch reviews from time to time and even the comments on those are terrible.

I normally won’t even watch reviews there, but very rarely they will get the reviews out to the public first.


“I miss the days when games were sold complete and didn’t have content stripped out to be sold as DLC”

This is the 100% stupidest comment that 90% of anti-DLC crusaders spew out. And Evolve is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of how it’s not the case. I hope TRS ignores these morons because I think most of us want TRS to continue to support Evolve with more and more content. DLC that doesn’t split a community is GREAT! It keeps people playing! I would hate to think that we’ll only ever have 3 monsters. I love knowing that there will for sure be a 4th and maybe even a 5th or 6th? Or maybe 4 or 5 sets of hunters? Awesome!

The anti-DLC crowd have already struck Dragon Age Inquisition hard it seems, we will NEVER get a new companion character in that game because some space has to be allotted for them in the base game and Bioware decided against it for fear of “cutting content”. Now sure, there was the ME3 companion DLC but honestly, I’d rather have the option to have more content and just not buy it if it doesn’t interest me. Instead the anti-DLC crusaders are the type of people who think “We don’t want it so no one can have it!”


I think it a bit more simpler than that really.

If they can ship the game now that gives me a few months of entertainment, I can decide down the line if I am willing to vest more money towards the title for additional content. I would rather go this route, provide the devs with my money as a continued dedication to the game than to delay the game another year to add tons of content.

This is just my opinion and I know others would choose to have more content up front. But I guarantee you if they said ‘you know what, we have changed our mind about the DLC and we are going to ship this title with all the content for retail price BUT the game will be delayed a year and a half’

People would absolutely lose their shit. So it is lose/lose for the gaming industry when it comes to things like this. On one hand they want to deliver a solid product, but they don’t want to leave it behind and forget about updating it. They need our money if they want to keep things fresh and exciting. And if the title is worth it, I don’t mind giving it to them.


I agree with you, definitely.

I think what the article was trying to say was “Look, Evolve is a solid game with cool mechanics and a decent amount of content. It is also built in such a way that adding more content is relatively simple, so expect lots of post-launch support”.

That’s how I take that article. But reading I knew the mob would be at the gates because it said “DLC” in it.

But yea, I’d rather have a base game to play and enjoy and if I want more content, it’s there for me to purchase at my leisure. I don’t have to buy it, I can even play with people who do buy it. I don’t see an issue other than entitlement at play here.


I agree with this. Also, I never recall “expansion packs” drawing this much flak


Yup. So if TRS hoarded all the DLC until they had enough to charge $30 for it and call it an “Expansion Pack” I bet you it would draw a lot less flak for it.

DLC is just the modern version. As we can now download content from the internet, there’s no reason to “hoard” it until you can justify a disc version.


Eh, to be honest I am really not bothered that these people are fussing. Just means the people that ARE playing will be a bit more mature


I hardly go by what Gamespot says, let alone alot of game reviewer’s or magazines etc.

Everything is either so hyped by them and going to be amazing (See Titanfall) or it’s going to be garbage and no one will play, yet somehow the game finds followers.

The best thing I’ve learned over my years more so now than ever, in a game industry where biased opinions are huge let alone “Game Publishing Pay-Offs” to write excellent reviews for games they otherwise may not review well for example, is to just conclude on your own whether or not you will like and promote/support any certain game and not base your assumption of how you may feel about it from reviews.

Alot of time these reviews are ungodly biased for specific reasons, or publishers have paid the reviewing company in some form to write up a good editorial. Not to mention straight out lying about things as well

It’s very hard to find conclusive, unbiased and genuine write ups in the online world for video games since alot of people have their hands in the honey pot.


:frowning: I love titanfall…


Don’t get me wrong, I liked Titanfall too…But a game that gets so hyped up like that, and literally diminishes so fast after only literally 2 months after release and a sequel announced for it is kind of overhyped.

The concept of the game in itself, along with the mechanics and everything. Amazing. I love the futuristic warfare type games, and it reminded alot of an old game I used to play and work for as a Map Editor/Moderator first published by Harmless Games, who created Subspace…Called Infantry. Which now and years ago was purchased by Sony Online Entertainment.

Annyyyhow, to me that is just a good example of overhyping a game to make it sound as if it’s gonna be the best thing ever and blast everything else out of the water and have so much replay.

The fact is it didn’t to a degree, which is why I thought it ended up being overhyped. I own it for the PC and literally stopped playing it about a month after release and would have easily not bought it knowing that. A great game in terms of concept and idea, but poorly executed


This is exactly my problem with 90% of the negative publicity directed at evolve. I’ve read whole articles worse than this one making claims that Turtle Rock has publicly proven false, and it is really giving readers the wrong impression. on one hand I can’t blame them when misinformed and misleading articles are made, but on the other hand I’m bothered because I want to see this game have wild success. I’m on board for Evolve not only because the concept is cool as all get out, but it is being executed as flawlessly as possible for any big title in this day and age.

Where are the articles saying “3000 different playable scenarios on release” instead of “only 3 monsters? Get it together Evolve”. Why not “Plans for long term support” instead of “What if they did DLC like other greedier games?”. I’m just glad that there is so much positive information to counter the negative: evolve’s wall of awards after events like E3 proves that, and Gameinformer’s articles always seem fair and unbias.


Its a grey area 100%

If they want to get scummy they can, but at the very least you can’t judge from the onset unless you have hidden behind the scenes sorta info.


Gamespot users are a jaded bunch. Its not just against Evolve. They hate on most games. Any opportunity to shit on a game they will take it.

Plus Titanfall has many players disgruntled. Mostly because the massive pre-launch hype created incredibly unrealistic expectations, which the game could never come close to satisfy. Unfortunately evolve is navigating that post Titanfall environment which is full of disgruntled players who like to hate on hyped up FPS games.

Having said that, I do have some concerns with DLC. Any publisher can indeed get scummy with it, and we’ve yet to see the exact details on how it will be handled. That they mentioned the community will have a large say in how the DLC is handled does inspire some confidence that it won’t be scummy.

However, my main concern is the fact that some hunters and monsters will be DLC exclusive. This makes it so players must spend extra money after purchasing the game in order to stay competitive. Lets say a DLC exclusive monster is the best choice against XYZ+ hunters. A player without that monster is at a disadvantage at the metagame level. In many F2P games, players have the chance to buy those characters with in-game currency. It doesn’t look like we will have that option in evolve, so certain DLC could easily be seen as pay to win content.

As long as prices are not too outrageous, I’ll be fine paying, but expect many people to get angry about it with a tone of righteous indignation.


I think its 100% fine to be jaded when the industry, and “games journalism” is/are very prone to shills and false claims.

Whether or not you think thats a ‘serious’ criticism or not… you don’t get that way for NO reason.