Complaining is OP, pls nerf

So, here we are again Evolve forums.

There are two settings for these forums, ecstatically happy about new content or passive-aggressively butt-hurt about how they got beat by a player. Okay I get it, yes Wraith was OP. The thing is, just because someone is able to use an ability or skill very effectively and win with it does not mean that it needs a nerf (looking at you “Kraken is OP” threads.)

The word OP gets thrown around a lot, normally it’s followed by a story detailing a personal experience of how they got badly thrashed by an un-fair spamming of an ability that “ruins the game” for them. The poster might even go as far as to say that they are “leaving the game until this exploit has been fixed”. Something that they expect will make their argument have more weight to the devs or the people of the forum. Hunter players, you guys do this a lot. Now that is a broad generalization I know but I’m basing it off of the fact that there is normally around 4 times the amount of hunters complaining about Kraken OP or Goliath OP then there are people complaining about the hunters (although with T4 this isn’t really true to the same extent.) Basically, the devs can see what stuff is overpowered or underpowered. They have all of the possible data avaliable to them within arms reach, so why are we cluttering the forums with stories of how you got beat?

(thanks for reading my rant, just had to get that out of my system.)


If someone got beaten by something, it’s OP. If someone lost as something, it’s UP. Remember that.


Just… That’s just so stupid though. Darn humans and their terrible, terrible logic.

Yup. ^.-
It’s the gamer life.

I find that most people cant seem to comprehend the difference between an ability being OP and a character being OP.

For example, behemoth’s roll melee spam exploit was OP. Did this mean behemoth itself was OP? Hell no!

Same principal with A LOT of the complaints on this forum.

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This what most people do in the forums

Hopefully the devs go more off data than people screaming Op cause they didn’t beat a stage 3 monster on their own.

I’m against most complaining and I never had much of a problem with wraith the only things i’ve absolutely hated were some of the players playing as hide and seek wraiths who’d extend the game way too long, behemoth roll spam and spore cloud spam.

They said they went off data in the Livestream so hopefully.

Okay, so your saying that we should ignore a serious problem within both the Evolve community and the gaming community in general? Isn’t it better to discuss a subject like this rather than pretend it doesn’t exist?

Who’s whining? I just felt like putting a meme up, no need to be hostile, I like topics where the poster explains their points and have feedback and input about what needs to be done instead of, SUNNY OP AF FIKS HURR.

Pro tip: dont use the lamo full cycle " your complaining about someone complaining " because I can easily say you complaining about me complaining about complaining (sounds lame dont it?) Good day


Except my meme is more relevant.

There are valid complaints and invalid complaints and so far TRS has been good about rooting through and finding valid ones (probably due to the use of data from telemetry). That being said when people complain abut monster I picked in game (which unless I lose doesn’t seem to matter what I picked). I generally feel like this…

Happy to help lol.

I wish the mods could start do their work and delete the whiny threads with the same topic as 10 others.

But Mammoth Birds are OP! You cannot deny that,


They deserve to be OP.

No… You be quiet. Out of all of the creatures and monsters that stalk Shear’s surface, one rests above the others in utter hatred and infamy.