Competitive Xbox One team looking for high-skill monster player


I am a member of a highly-skilled team that is looking to play on the competitive scene for MLG and ESL. We are currently looking for a high skill, high experience monster player for that position on our team. We are all NA players, and would prefer if you are also in that area, but are willing to make exceptions.

We are accepting try outs for people with lots of play time logged for their preferred monster. We are looking to have fun, but we are a serious competitive team.

Send a message over live to any of these gamertags if interested: DarkMesa, Crazy Parkour, Rob3rt3l33

Major League Gaming team name: Stage 3 Mammoth Birds


I’m a competitive PC monster player with tons of experience from scrims and tournies and looking to maybe pick up an xbone and practice my ass of with a controller and play in the proving grounds tourney.

Would you be able to send a video of you guys playing? No offense but I only want to invest and compete if I know I have a good hunter team that can help make it far. The only problem is that I wouldn’t be able to make the first qualifying tourney


It’s no problem man. I’ll see if I can get a link to a twitch feed someone recorded of our gameplay. I’ll send a link to you if I’m able.

We weren’t able to enter into the first qualifier either, so it’s no big deal.