Competitive Xbone Team


Hey, looking to start a competitive team with one of my friends, I play trapper and I’m looking for a assault,medic, and monster. We play often and would like to do gamebattles or tournaments if we get good enough. My Gamertag is Ilikeconverse if you’re interested.


Hey man! I am literally looking for a team to play with. I can play any class! My gamertag is EskimoJon95!



Can’t find you through your GT. You can add me, spookhunter91


Hey, my GT is Beniskool77, I main monster, send me a message sometime if you want me to try out.


Add me on-
Evilmilkshake x
Me and my best friend are looking for a team also, both play regular, neither have a specific preference on role and we’re both decent players, just need to be part of a team that can say the same:)


Top 200 Goliath under 1k the rest of the monsters. LMK my gamertag is Broiiath (Broliath).